How to Fix Ccmexec.exe Error Properly and Quickly

fix ccmexec.exe error

It must be very annoying if you always receive the ccmexec.exe error message when you open your computer or some applications, and the more serious is that it will also bring many other problems of the computer operation. Want to find a way to get rid of the message and fix ccmexec.exe well? Please just refer to the following words.

What’s ccmexec.exe?

File ccmexec.exe serves as a host process of Microsoft Configuration Manager that belonging to the Microsoft System Management Server (SMS) suite, and closely related to the operations of managing software patches to the machines via network and organize them into a hierarchy of sites. By default, it is installed in the system folder – C:\WINDOWS\system32\CCM\ccmexec.exe.

Error issues with the EXE file

“CcmExec.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

This error message is not unfamiliar for those people who got the ccmexec.exe error on their computers, when this file cannot be processes successfully on the computer system, every time the file starts on a SMS client, the computer must display this error message for notification. In addition, encountering the problem with this file also means that you have to face these negative results on PC:

  • Failure to load or process ccmexec.exe and associated application
  • Cannot launch System Center Configuration Manager
  • System suddenly crashed or resulted in the BSOD error
  • Unable to load Windows Defender and Windows Firewall correctly
  • Additional registry error issues

Since the error issue will create such a lot of bad influences on the computer, you should take actions to fix ccmexec.exe error as quickly as possible.

Introduction about how can fix ccmexec.exe error with ease

One – update your Windows system and drivers

Considering the process file has a close relation with the Windows operating system, it is suggested to firstly try to set an auto update for the system to fix ccmexec.exe error, as the Windows system outdated issue often affects many performances and files.

How to set an auto update on Win 7:

  1. Click on the Start button > ALL Programs > Windows update
  2. Then you will open a new window, click Change settings on the left pane
  3. Click to open the pull-down menu below the “Important updates”, choose “Install updates automatically(recommended)”
  4. Click on OK

How to set an auto update on Win 8:

  1. Move the cursor to the bottom right corner of the desktop to activate the hidden menu
  2. Click on Search, and enter Control Panel
  3. Chose to open the Control Panel, then select Windows update in the window]
  4. Click on Settings > Change PC settings > Update and recovery
  5. Click Choose how updates get installed > open the pull-down menu below the “Important updates”, choose “Install updates automatically(recommended)”
  6. Click on OK

Two – obtain the latest service pack for Systems Management Server 2003

It is often feasible for the people to fix ccmexec.exe error only with install the latest service pack for Systems Management Server 2003 on the computer, and the service pack can be easily found and downloaded from the Microsoft download resource.

Three – repair registry issues to fix ccmexec.exe error

As one of the biggest reason for many error problems on the computer, perform a registry fix usually works for the error repair. Therefore, it is also recommended to use a registry fix tool to scan and fix all of registry issues on your Windows system, comparing to the manual repair, applying a professional can be more effective and spend much less time during the fixing process. People can easily complete the task and fix ccmexec.exe error well.

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A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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