How to Fix Audiodg.exe High CPU Usage Error

Many people have experienced this kind of problems: when using iTunes to watch video, they find the video is unstable and laggy, sometimes it even halt or freeze, this problem could happen in any laptop with Windows 7 system, it feels like a particular on the background has ran over the computer recourse. If you open Task Manager and go to the process tab, you will see the process of audiodg.exe is occupying most of the CPU usage. If you are experienced the same kind of problem, refer to the solutions in this article to fix audiodg.exe high CPU usage error.

What is Audiodg.exe

Audiodg.exe is a process file used by the Audio Graph Device Isolation which is a audio engines in Windows 7, and Audiodg.exe is one of the most important component file of it that responsible for processing audio files, sometimes people would experience errors or problem with the Audiodg.exe, the most common one is High CPU usage problem.

How to fix Audiodg.exe high CPU usage error

If you found the Audiodg.exe is occupying high CUP usage, do not disable this file with Task Manager, this won’t help you to fix the error, by disabling the Audiodg.exe, you will not be able to play any audio file in your computer. The fastest solution to fix the audiodg.exe high CPU usage problem is to unload the process by turning of audio effects, you can follow the below steps to do:

  • Right click on the speaker icon in the system tray
  • Click Playback Devices in the appeared menu.
  • Click on the green icon of speaker and click on the Properties button in the bottom right.
  • Click the Enhancements tab.
  • Click the checkbox of “Disable all enhancements”.
  • Click OK to save the changes.
  • Now the audiodg.exe process has been unloaded, you can open Itunes to watch the video again to see if the problem still exist.

If the problem persist, it should be caused by other issues of your computer, for example, if the Windows registry is corrupted or clogged up, this can also bring up the Audiodg.exe high CPU usage error, you may need to first clean up the temporary files and wasted system junk files, and then run a registry scan & clean with a reliable registry cleaner, this could help you remove all the wasted, invalid and obsolete entries stucked in the registry as well as compact the registry, here is three simple steps you need to perform:

By cleaning and repairing the registry, the Audiodg.exe high CPU usage error should have been fixed.

John McDowell Windows Certified Expert

John McDowell is an professional computer engineer who currently running his own computer company. He has over 12 years computer experience and would like to share his personal tips and knowledge about computer maintenance and problem troubleshooting to anybody who needs it.

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