How can Fix Prismapi.dll Error for Computer Users

fix Prismapi.dll Error

Prismapi.dll file is designed as a PRISM COM API Interface Library that belongs to the PRISM Wireless LAN software which is published by Conexant Systems, Inc.. People sometimes receive the error notification like “prismapi.dll is not found” or “PRISM Wireless LAN was unsuccessful to start because prismapi.dll is not detected” but don’t know how to get rid of it. So hereby, we can study about how to fix prismapi.dll error.

Prismapi.dll error often appears when the Windows operating system fails to load or read it as the operation required. To analysis the problem more deeply, you will find that there are many problems could be the cause of this error issue, and the most common ones are:

  • Prismapi.dll file gets damaged
  • Corrupted D-link DWL-G120 USB Adapter driver
  • Damaged or missing error of related system registries
  • Incorrect uninstallation of a program
  • Prismapi.dll is overwritten, or changed the directory

Consequences of prismapi.dll error:

  • Cannot use the PRISM Wireless LAN software
  • Annoying prismapi.dll error messages bombard the computer
  • System registry error issues
  • Slow computer running speed
  • Invalid system features
  • Blue Screen of Death error

As the prismapi.dll file problem would creates many troubles on the computer, fix prismapi.dll error will be an immediate task you should take.

Tips about how can fix prismapi.dll error in an easy way

One – Install the prismapi.dll file again on your computer

If the error message always pops up and states that the prismapi.dll file is missing or cannot be found on the computer, you can firstly try to search out this file on the whole computer system, when the removal of prismapi.dll is confirmed, you can download and install a new prismapi.dll file on your computer.

  1. Download a prismapi.dll file from the Internet
  2. Unzip the file, and move the file to its default location (required system directory)
  3. Click to open the Start menu, select Run
  4. Type “cmd” in the box, and press Enter
  5. Type “regsvr32_prismapi.dll” in the box, and Enter again
    (the last two steps is to register the new prismapi.dll file on your Windows system)

Two – reinstall the related program

Since prismapi.dll file closely associated to the PRISM Wireless LAN software, while reinstalling and re-register the file cannot help to solve this problem, to fix prismapi.dll error, you may need to reinstall the program it belongs to on your computer.

  1. Firstly, you should complete uninstall PRISM Wireless LAN software
    Considering Windows attach uninstaller often cannot remove the program completely, it is recommended to uninstall PRISM Wireless LAN software with a third party uninstall tool, which can be very easy to get one online.
  2. Secondly, download and install a brand new PRISM Wireless LAN software on your computer, please be cautious to follow the install instructions.

Three – fix prismapi.dll error with registry fixer (most effective)

In most of time, the error message often states that there is a problem inside the Windows system, and more specifically, the problem is caused by the related Windows system registry issues, this is also the common reason for many error issues on the computer. To fix prismapi.dll error and other DLL, EXE, or runtime error on the computer, scanning and repairing all of registry issues on the system is often an effective and fast solution.

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