How can Fix OpenCL.dll Error Effectively


File OpenCL.dll is regarded as a OpenCL Client DLL that published by the Nvidia Corporation, this safe and useful components on the Windows system sometimes would cause some error issues which are difficult to handle by the computer user, and this post will be the good resource for you to learn how can fix OpenCL.dll error well on your computer.

General file introduction
File name — OpenCL Client DLL
Size — 25.9 kb
Newest version — 32bit
File language — English – United States
Operating System: Windows System

Problems with OpenCL.dll file on PC

Generally, OpenCL.dll has the special feature which is used to share the central processor and graphic card processor to perform tasks together, but when it fails to start and run for some reasons, you will get the error message on the PC instead of running the associated application. And this problem is often caused by:

  • OpenCL.dll itself is corrupted or missing
  • Related kdbsync.exe process is damaged
  • AMD Graphics Card driver gets out of date
  • Several associated Windows system registries encounter some error issues

When making clear about what’s the reason of this error, you should take steps to fix OpenCL.dll error instantly on your computer.

How to fix OpenCL.dll error in details

One – restore the OpenCL.dll file on PC

Corrupted or missing DLL is one of the simplest reason of the problem, in this case, you should go to restore the OpenCL.dll file on the computer system.

Reinstall the OpenCL.dll file

  1. Click on the Start, Search, and type “OpenCL.dll” to search out the file on your PC
  2. If there is no one searching result, you should install a new OpenCL.dll file on the computer.
  3. Then move the new file to its default location: C:\Windows\System32\
  4. If the file has been in this directory, please just to re-register it on the Windows system

Re-register the file on system

  1. Click on Start > Run > type “CMD”
  2. Press Enter, then you will see a new window
  3. Type “regsvr_OpenCL.dll” on the black screen, and press Enter

Update AMD Graphics Card driver

Kdbsync.exe is a component of AMD Graphics Card driver that contains many associated OpenCL media files. So it requires the AMD Graphics Card driver keeping up-to-date to make sure the smooth and effective operation of Kdbsync.exe process. So you can try to update the driver to fix OpenCL.dll error.

In order to get the newest driver, you can choose to download and install the newest version of AMD Graphics Card driver from the publisher’s official site, or update the current one with the update utility on PC.

Repair associated system registry errors to fix OpenCL.dll error

Related registry error is another big cause of this DLL error on the computer, and it also trigger many additional problems like slow down the running speed, cause computer freeze up, and Blue Screen of Death… Therefore, for the stability and efficiency of the system performance, as well as fix OpenCL.dll error and other related issues, please perform a professional scan and fix for your system registry with a good registry repair software, it will help you to resolve all the registry problems quickly and automatically.

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A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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