How can Fix Nwiz.exe Error with Effective Guides

Nwiz.exe is an executable process that often installs on the computer with nVidia graphics card drivers, it is widely used for configuration of the NVIDIA nView Control Panel, and provide some additional functions for the user of nVidia video cards, so it you are a common user of these related functions and utilities, you should keep this process on your computer and protect it from being damaged or deleted.

Common Nwiz.exe error problems

“Nwiz.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close”
“Nwiz.exe cannot be found”

The Nwiz.exe file could encounter various problems for different computer situations, the related error message will firstly appear when the computer system fails to detect and read this file from its default location. And the more specific reasons of the problem are:

  • Your video card driver is outdated
  • The Nwiz.exe file is accidentally removed from your computer
  • The newly install program overwrites the file which is not compatible with the Windows system
  • Graphical corruption problem
  • Related system registry entries encounter some error issues

Negative symptoms of the error issue

It is absolutely very troublesome when your computer encounter the Nwiz.exe error problem, besides constantly receiving its annoying error messages, many system features and your actions on the computer will be disabled undesirably, and on the other hand getting a very sluggish and ineffective system operation.

As the Nwiz.exe error would bring a lot of inconveniences and troubles for your computer, you should take immediate actions to fix Nwiz.exe error well on your PC.

How can fix Nwiz.exe error with success

Firstly, update all of your outdated drivers to the newest version

Computer driver is an essential component on the Windows that often plays as an important intermediary between the hardware devices and software programs, keeping up-to-date those drivers on your computer is very necessary for the stability of the system performance as well as the computer maintainance. If you do not update your computer drivers regularly, however, it is certainly that some outdated drivers will be unable to properly support the related running of some programs and the computer, which including successfully detecting and reading the Nwiz.exe. Therefore, to fix Nwiz.exe error which is caused by the driver outdated issue, you should firstly go to install all of available and newest update of the drivers, meanwhile, it is also suggested to install all available Windows service packs on your computer.

Secondly, fix Nwiz.exe error via disabling the process on PC

If the Nwiz.exe issue often consuming many CPU usage, and you do not need this process any more, you can try to fix Nwiz.exe error through disabling on your computer system.

Steps to disable NWiz.exe from starting at boot:

  • Step 1 – click on Start, Run, type “msconfig” and Enter
  • Step 2 – click on “Startup” in the MSConfig screen, and find NWiz or Nvidia on the programs list
  • Step 3 – click on the checkbox next to it
  • Step 4 – restart your computer

If the NWiz.exe process and related applications are not needed by your computer and you, disabling the file will not create any trouble and further issue for your computer.

Thirdly, scan and fix related registry issues

If you want the NWiz.exe can be fixed and kept on your Windows system, you should make use of a good registry error fixer to help you check and clean those related registry error issues from your computer. Windows registry database is always one of the most important place in your Windows system, it is responsible for storing many important registry files, advanced options and many essential settings, many registry entries will be required and read instantly to support the running of the program and Windows system. Therefore, to fix NWiz.exe error effectively, you will need to run a good registry error fixer to check whether there are some registry entries related to the NWiz.exe process get some troubles and errors on your PC, and fix them all as quickly as possible by using the fixing process in registry error fixer.

Nwiz.exe Error

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