How can Fix Mmsystem.dll Error Easily and Quickly

fix mmsystem.dll error

Mmsystem.dll is a common Microsoft system file for the Multimedia Product, it is often installed in C:\Windows\system32\ sub-folder but sometimes would cause the mmsystem.dll error issue on the computer. At that moment, an effective tool to fix mmsystem.dll error will be very needed and urgent.

When getting the DLL error problem, you will receive the related error notifications quickly, such as the mmsystem.dll is corrupt, missing, or cannot be found. These annoying message will keep displaying on the computer screen until you repair it well.

What cause the mmsystem.dll error?

Because of the frequent use of the machine, computer often contains some problems that cannot easily be found by the user, so many people will suddenly encounter the mmsystem.dll error and don’t know what happen on their PCs. In this case, it is necessary to learn the general causes of the error:

  • Corruption or missing error of mmsystem.dll file
  • Corruption of the setupx.dll file
  • system.ini is replaced with the system.cb file
  • Spyware or virus attach
  • System registry problems

Available methods to help you fix mmsystem.dll error

Recommended method – apply a registry repair tool

Method two – manually repair system.ini file on the computer system

Note: this is a complex manual solution only fit for those computer professionals, if you are only a common computer user, please try another method.

  1. Click on Start > Search > enter “system.ini” to find it on your computer
  2. Open this file with a text editor tool like Notepad, add the following content to the [boot] section of the file: drivers=mmsystem.dll
  3. Save the file and exit, restart the computer

If the system.cb file has been replaced the system.ini file on your computer system, you should install a new system.ini on your PC.

1. Following the picture to open Command Prompt window

Command Prompt window

2. Enter the following content to run the related commands:
ren system.ini system.bak
copy system.cb system.ini
edit system.ini
3. When a text editor appears, move the cursor to a blank line via press Enter at the beginning of the file
4. Enter the following content to the system.ini file
5. And then, enter “mouse=*vmouse” to the section that starts with [386Enh]
6. Save and exit the Command Prompt, and restart your computer

Automatically fix mmsystem.dll error with advanced tools

As many people only use the computer for general use, the above complex manual solution seems like very difficult for the common users. In this situation, an automatic way to fix mmsystem.dll error is much better and suitable.

Firstly, scan and remove malicious infections with an antivirus program

Mmsystem.dll being infected or attacked by the malware or virus is often the reason of the error issue on computer, considering they can greatly do harm to your computer system and the personal privacy storing on the machine, you should firstly clean all of infections. And there is no way but a professional antivirus program can resolve the virus attach problem on the computer, so it is suggested to do a scan and removal for the virus, if the error message keeps on your PC, continue the fixing process.

Secondly, scan and repair system registries

System registry is a database that contains numerous advanced system settings, options and the important registry keys related to the installed applications, and this is also a place that often cause some error issues for some registries being out-of-date or missing, thus associated error issues will be caused. Therefore, to fix mmsystem.dll error as well as other DLL error issues, you should invite a good registry fix tool to perform a scan and find out all of problematic registries, and do a thorough repair for these files with the automatic fix feature.

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