How can Fix Mfc71.dll Error on PC – Available Mfc71.dll Error Fix Guide

mfc71.dll error

Mfc71.dll error is a common issue that many people would encounter on the Windows system, this error problem can be cause by various issues and the improper operations on the computer, the proper and effective way to fix mfc71.dll error become a very important knowledge for many computer users. So now, let’s see how can solve this error problem on computer.

What’s mfc71.dll?

mfc71.dll is a Dynamic Link Library file that is designed as a component of the Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003 program, it is a file that contains many Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) functions and is always required by the computer or programs to provide the standard “MFC” functions that are coded into Microsoft Visual Studio.

As you can see that this file is a necessary part for many applications as well as the Windows system cannot be terminated or removed from the computer. When there is an error issue, you should fix mfc71.dll error as early as possible.

Related error messages:
“Mfc71.dll Not Found”
“Unable to locate component Mfc71.dll”
“This application failed to start because Mfc71.dll was not found”

When the file is unable to be read and used by related applications, these error message will firstly pop up on the screen to inform you about the error problem, and then many applications and features will fail to be activated on the computer. To make your computer come back to normal,
a proper solution should be taken to fix mfc71.dll error issue.

Feasible solutions to fix mfc71.dll error

Solution – reinstall the specific program which cause the problem

When the error message just pops up on the computer at every time you load up a specific program, there might be some file corruption problems on the program that cause the file cannot be read and perform effectively. In this situation, you need to firstly uninstall the program completely, and then install it again on your computer, in this way, all of the old and corrupted components and settings of the program will be replaced with the newer ones on the computer.

Note: many programs cannot be completely removed by the Windows uninstall utility, so when you finish the uninstall process, you should go to check and make sure that all of components related to this program have been removed thoroughly, especially those registry entries store in the Windows system. Otherwise, those left-overs will not allow you to install the new program on the computer.

Solution – replace the mfc71.dll file with a fresh version

Similar to the first solution, when the problem is only caused by the corrupted mfc71.dll file, reinstalling this file with a fresh version will help you fix mfc71.dll error on your computer.

Steps to reinstall the fresh mfc71.dll file:

  1. Download a new and compatible version of mfc71.dll file on PC
  2. Unzip the file and save on your hard drive
  3. Open “C:\Windows\System32″ folder, rename the old mfc71.dll file to one you can easily distinguish with the new one.
  4. Move the fresh mfc71.dll file on the original folder
  5. Click on “Start”, and “Run”, enter “cmd”
  6. Type “regsvr mfc71.dll” on the black cmd screen, and exist
  7. Restart Windows system

Solution – clean mfc71.dll associated registry error issues

Another way to fix mfc71.dl error will be scan and fix related registry issues on the Windows system, as many registry files often result in some error problems for the overuse of these of these files, improper uninstallation, outdated driver issues and other possible reasons, many applications and feature will be influenced by these error issues and are unable to operate on the computer. To solve this problem, you should scan and fix those registry issues on your computer system with a powerful registry cleaners, after repairing those error issues related to mfc71.dll file, the mfc71.dll error problem will be solved and you won’t receive its error message anymore.

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