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Often fail to fix AAWService.exe error and avoid its annoying error notifications on computer? Do you know what’s the real cause of the EXE error on your computer? What’s the good way to resolve this error issue? All of questions about AAWService.exe file problem will be answered in this post.


What’s AAWService.exe?

AAWService.exe is a process file that installed with Ad-Aware software packaged which is developed by Lavasoft AB Company, a third party security program that can be used to monitor Internet traffic as well as protect computer from malicious attacks.

Why does the error occur?

Many situations and problems on the computer could be the reason for AAWService.exe error issue, if you get this problem on your PC, it is also necessary to think about all of possible causes, and take the proper way to fix AAWService.exe error according to your specific computer situation.

General causes of the EXE file problem:

  • Program conflict issue between the Ad-Aware software and other application
  • Mis-deletion of the EXE file or other associated files
  • Incomplete installation or corruption of Ad-Aware software
  • Dangerous virus infections
  • Windows registry error issues

If the error issue cannot be resolved instantly, it will definitely affect the effective performance of the computer and some applications on the PC, and you will also continue to be annoyed by its error messages. To get the right way to fix AAWService.exe error, please refer to these available solutions.

Feasible ways for fixing AAWService.exe error

Option one – reinstall the application which cause the program conflict


When the error message appears when you trying to open one certain program or after you installing a new one on your PC, the program is in all possibility the problem that you should firstly consider to uninstall from your computer.

Program conflict issue is often a cause of a security program being not able to operate smoothly on the computer, and encounter an associated EXE, DLL or Runtime error on the computer. Therefore, when you encounter this problem when using Ad-Aware software, you will need to uninstall the program which shows incompatibility with the antivirus program. And one can choose to remove a program on computer via the Windows attached uninstall utility or a professional uninstall tool.


Option two – reinstall Ad-Aware software


Corrupted or incomplete removal of Ad-Aware software also can trigger the EXE file problem on computer. To fix AAWService.exe error in this situation, you should go to check your Ad-Aware software and make sure it is installed and operated smoothly on your PC, if you have no idea about it. Please try to re-install the application on your computer to avoid the problem.

There is a circumstance that corrupted Ad-Aware software may not be able to remove via Control Panel, in this case, it is suggested to use an advanced uninstall tool, which perform more professionally in removing unwanted program on the computer even if it has been corrupted. And an uninstaller often can remove an antivirus program completely which often cannot be achieved by the Windows removing utility. And there are now many outstanding uninstallers available online, it is no need to worry about finding a good one.

Option three – conduct a virus scan and removal


When a malicious virus attach your computer system without your knowing and consent, it could damage your system files as well as many other processes, which including the AAWService.exe file. Moreover, as we all known that infected virus will do many other things which are much serious than damage or remove files on computer, it must be an emergency to find out and clean all of dangerous viruses from your computer. And sometimes the AAWService.exe error message is the fake one that created by virus to mislead the computer user.

Therefore, in order to fix AAWService.exe error, it is recommended to employ a powerful antivirus program on your computer if you are not clear about your computer’s security situation, and conduct a complete virus scan and removal for your Windows system.

Option four – repair system registries to fix AAWService.exe error


The lase but not least, scan your computer system with a professional registry cleaner, it will help you to find out all of problematic registries that fail to support the associated features and processes on the computer, then make use of the cleaner to perform a fix for all of these registries problems. Thus, you will be able to optimize your system registries and get a better and more friendly computer environment, and also fix AAWService.exe error well, for that many registries on your Windows system are closely related to the AAWService.exe file and its program Ad-Aware software. Instantly fixing registries errors is also a good way to avoid many further serious system problems.


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