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fix wlmail.exe error

As a component of product Windows Live Mail, wlmail.exe is a process file that responsible for using multiple e-mails accounts like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail in one application, which facilitate the computer users to manage all of their e-mail accounts. With the frequently of using the program, however, there will be some error problem need to be resolved, and wlmail.exe error is just the most common one.

How can fix wlmail.exe error? This will be the doubt of many people whose computers gets the error issue, because this problem will seriously affect the use of Windows Live Mail to receive and send e-mail, and also pop up the annoying message very often on the computer screen. Therefore, to avoid these troubles and inconveniences, you should get start to repair wlmail.exe error immediately.

What may cause the error problem on PC:

  • Associated DLL modules like mailrt2.dll, msmail.dll, MailComm.dll, wlidcli.dll are corrupted or missing
  • Corrupted Windows Live Mail application
  • Outdated Windows system and drivers
  • Serious virus and spyware attack

Knowledge about how to fix wlmail.exe error

First step: repair your registry issues

Since there are many DLL modules closely related to the wlmail.exe file, when you encounter this error issue, you should firstly go to check these files and fix all of error issues with these DLL, and the place you should repair is the system registry. The Windows system registry is a crucial database of Windows operating system that save many settings and important files, it is very easy to be damaged by people’s improper behaviors on the PC and thus trigger the various DLL or EXE error issues. Therefore, when you receive a DLL or EXE error information, you should invite a professional registry error fixer to scan and find out all of registries with error issues, and repair them completely with the automatic fixing feature. In this way, you will be able to fix wlmail.exe error or other problems in this situation.

Second step: check and reinstall Windows Live Mail to fix wlmail.exe error

Program Windows Live Mail being corrupted is also possible to cause the error issue on your computer for that it cannot properly running the wlmail.exe process. Therefore, you should consider to reinstall the program to fix wlmail.exe error on the PC, the new one will replace all of correctly corrupted components and allow the users to use the program smoothly.

How to remove Windows Live Mail:

  1. Click on Start button — Control Panel — Programs — Programs and Features
  2. Find and click on Windows Live Essentials
  3. Select to remove one or more Windows Live programs,
  4. Select Mail — Uninstall

Third step: keep you Windows system, drivers and security program up-to-date

It is a common sense that outdated Windows system and drivers can seriously affect the effective performance of the whole system as well as the applications, it will slow down the computer running speed, block some advanced features and functions, and also trigger the EXE problem. Keep the Windows system and drivers up-to-date is an important measure to optimize the operating system.

What’s more, security issue is also a part that should not be ignored, the computer can be protected well from different malicious virus infection as long as you get the newest virus database within your antivirus program. Therefore, to fix wlmail.exe error, update your security program is also the important step you should take.

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