How Can I Fix Wlanapi.dll Error – Wlanapi.dll Missing Error Step by Step Troubleshooting Guide

Do you keep receiving Wlanapi.dll error and don’t know how to handle it? What is Wlanapi.dll and how can I fix it properly? Take it easy, if your are experiencing this error, the article will walk you through the problem.

Wlanapi.dll is very essential system dll from Microsoft and exists in the the latest Windows – base operation system including XP, Vista, 7. Wlanapi.dll file is normally used to compile and configure the wireless network. It is important to keep this file intact and not been removed, otherwise your computer will not be able to establish a wireless LAN or even connect to any wireless networks.

Wlanapi.dll error fix guide

Wlanapi.dll error can be caused by many factors, and different situation required different method to troubleshot, here we will analyze each error message type you would likely to encounter and provide you corresponding solutions to fix Wlanapi.dll error properly. Generally,the error could show up in two forms.

Error message one: “The application cannot start because wlanapi.dll was not found”

These error showed up typically because the wlanapi.dll file was removed from your system by mistaken operation or malware. To fix the problem, you need to place a new copy of wlanapi.dll file to the system32 folder of system drive. you can get this done through the below steps:

  • Open your web browser.
  • Search the key word of “wlanapi.dll download” in search engines like google.
  • Find a valid download resource and download wlanapi.dll file on to your computer.
  • Copy the downloaded file and paste it to the folder of C:\WINDOWS\system32 (“C” represents the system drive letter, you may verify it according to your particular situation)
  • Go to Start – Run and type CMD in the run window and press Enter key
  • In the coming up black commend window, type in “regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\wlanapi.dll” (with out quotation mark)
  • Press enter key on your keyboard
  • After the dll file was successfully registered in the system, you’ll receive a confirmation dialogue box that display the information of the newly registered DLL.

Alternative solution (recommended)
The above manual solution has few drawbacks you need to keep in mind. Before you download the dll from a website, do make sure the site is legitimate and trusted, some of those sites offer invalid dll file download resource and even infected with virus, if you are not sure about which site to pick, or feel like the manual solution is a bit complicated to you, here is a useful tool named DLLSmith for you to help you to manage the problem perfectly.

DLLSmith is a professional program that specially designed to fix various dll errors, it can automatically download the wanted dll file from Microsoft certified resource, then register it into your system to let it take effect so as to fix the dll error instantly. Here is what you need to perform:

Error message 2: “The procedure entry point [application name] could not be located in the dynamic link library wlanapi.dll”

If the error message display as the above words, that may indicates there are something wrong with the routine of the wlanapi.dll file, you can try the following action to troubleshot the error.

  1. Go to Control Panel from Start menu and check for the Wireless Support to make sure it is in the “disable” status.
  2. Go to Windows Add/Remove applet and remove the wireless application of your computer, then reinstall it.

What if the error still persist?

There is one possibility that the error can not be fixed by the above method, that is your computer has registry problem, and from our experience, over 70% of the cases is caused A messed up registry can easily bring many kinds of problems like dll/exe error like wlanapi.dll error to your computer, and it will not be fixed unless you clean up the registry, this clean-up task can easily be done with the help of a reliable registry cleaner, you may download the registry cleaner here and follow the below three steps to fix the registry as well as wlanapi.dll error:

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