Fix Windowscodecs.dll Error and Avoid Annoying Error Message


File Windowscodecs.dll with description Microsoft Windows Codecs Library is a core system file that used to support the smooth running of Windows system as well as many installed applications. It is also a share library of explorer.exe and many other DLL files. Once you get its error messages on your PC, you should take immediate actions to fix Windowscodecs.dll error effectively.


As an important file of Windows operating system, it will not threaten the computer stability, conversely, lacking of this file will cause a series of problems on your PC:

  • Failure of loading programs and gaming applications
  • Several services and functions of Windows system become invalid
  • Additional DLL file problems are triggered on the PC
  • Degrade system and computer performance
  • Annoying Windowscodecs.dll error messages affect you using the computer

What are the possible reasons for the error?

  • Windowscodecs.dll itself is corrupted, unregistered, or missing on the computer
  • Bad hard drive issue
  • Associated files and system registries are damaged or deleted by mistakes
  • Malicious Trojan virus invasion
  • Windows system gets out of date

It cannot be better to know which is the real cause of your Windowscodecs.dll error, if you have no idea about this problem on your PC, you can have these resolutions for a try.

Available solutions to fix Windowscodecs.dll error

Solution one – re-register Windowscodecs.dll

Either people’s improper actions or Windows running problem often cause the Windowscodecs.dll to be over-written or unregistered on the system. Therefore, please do a check and make sure the file is still on your computer, and then try to fix the issue via registering it again on your computer system.

  • Click on Start, type “Windowscodecs.dll” in the search box, press Enter


  • If the Windowscodecs.dll can be found on your system folder, click on Run icon on the Start menu
  • Type “cmd” in the box and press Enter, Common Prompt will be opened
  • Type “regsvr_Windowscodecs.dll” in the black screen, press Enter again

This method is also feasible to register any DLL file on your system (just need to change the name you need to register) and fix the file unregistered issue, and you can take a note about the file register way on your PC.


Solution two – reinstall Windowscodecs.dll file


If you cannot find and search the file on your computer system, I am afraid that you should install a new one from your system disk or a reliable website with available DLL resource. Before that installation, you can firstly go to check your Windows Recycle Bin, if the Windowscodecs.dll file still stays here, you can restore it directly on your system without installing it. If it cannot be found on the Recycle Bin and you want to install a new one online, please be cautious that the file you install is compatible with your specific Windows operating system, and then don’t remember to register it again on your computer system.

Solution three – clean infected virus


Malicious viruses Backdoor:Win32/Badbot, TrojanDownloader:Win32/Agent.EW and Trojan Program:Win32/BaldEagleScreensaver are the common viruses that often sneak to the computer system and cause Windowscodecs.dll error as well as serious system problems. Therefore, to fix Windowscodecs.dll error and also protect your computer system from further damage, you should apply a professional antivirus program to do a thorough check for your computer system’s security, then perform a virus removal to clean all of malicious components. Please remember to update your antivirus program if you decide to use it to perform virus scan and removal instead of a brand new one program.

Solution four – apply a registry repairer to fix Windowscodecs.dll error


System registry problem is also a big cause of various kinds of error issues, includes Windowscodecs.dll error. So if the above solutions cannot help you to fix Windowscodecs.dll error, the next you can try is to scan and fix registry issues on your Windows system. System registry database is a place that contains many important configurations and settings which are responsible for the system and program operations. Therefore, repairing these registry problems often can help you to fix Windowscodecs.dll error and other system problems. An advanced registry repair application is the good instrument that specialized in finding and fixing different kinds of registry errors on the system, so maybe you can try such a fix tool to help you resolve the error problem.

Additional options: besides the four popular resolutions mentioned above, you also can try to fix Windowscodecs.dll via updating your Windows system and drivers, or reinstall the problematic driver, for that different computer situations may be resulted in the same DLL error for different reasons. In order to avoid the troublesome error issue on your PC, doing regular system optimization and computer maintenance are very necessary and important.


Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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