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W3wp.exe Error

W3wp.exe is created as an executable process that closely relates to the application pool in ISS and often allocates large amounts of resources on the Windows system, the computer will have more than one w3wp.exe process if there are more than one application tool on the computer, it is necessary to protect this file from any errors and problems to protect the computer and many related operations.

What cause the w3wp.exe error?

“cannot find w3wp.exe”
“The file w3wp.exe is missing.”

There are many improper operations and Windows system errors could result in this error issue in the daily use of computer, so different people would find different reasons for their computers being encountered by this error issue:

  • Over-use or overload of the process on the computer
  • W3wp.exe file is corrupted or missing
  • Related Windows registry files are invalid and corrupted
  • Outdated Windows or drivers issue

Possible results of getting the error problem:

  • Always experience a high CPU usage
  • Cannot activate and use the application pool
  • Computer gets a very slow operation speed
  • Many associated programs cannot be used
  • Blue Screen of Death errors occur occasionally

These problems will appear after the computer encountering this error problem, and more and more serious problems will be triggered if this error issue cannot be fixed instantly. So let’s see how can quickly and successfully get rid of w3wp.exe error on the computer.

Instructions to fix w3wp.exe error on PC

Instruction one – update your Windows system

To protect the efficiency and stability of the computer and program performance, it is very important to keep the Windows system up-to-date, because the old version Windows system is very easy to affect or even disable many performances and applications on the computer. Therefore, if you have not been updated your Windows for a long time, it’s time to check and fix w3wp.exe error which is caused by the outdated system.

For Windows XP:

  1. Click Start > Run > type “sysdm.cpl” on the box > press Enter
  2. Click Automatic Updates > select Automatically download recommended updates for my compute (recommended)
  3. Click OK when finish the Windows update

For Windows 7:

  1. Click Start > Search > type “Windows update” on the box > Windows Update from Programs list
  2. Click Change settings on the left > select the available update options
  3. Select Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates or Include recommended updates when downloading, installing, or notifying me about updates > click OK

Instruction two – reinstall the w3wp.exe file to fix w3wp.exe error

If the problem locates or the corrupted or missing w3wp.exe file, you can solve this error problem by reinstalling the w3wp.exe file on your Windows system.

  1. Download and save a new w3wp.exe file on the computer (be cautious that the new file should be safety and compatible with your computer system)
  2. Rename the old file, and then move the new one to the default location
  3. Click Start > Run > enter “regsvr w3wp.exe” to registry the file on the computer

Instruction three – fix associated registry errors

Most of error problems on the computer are actually from the Windows registry, since there are large amount of registry files store on the computer system and they easily to be corrupted or removed for people’s incorrect operation on the computer, the associated error or file missing issue will often appear on the computer. To fix w3wp.exe error and other similar issues on the computer effectively, you should use a good registry error fixer to scan and fix all of registry issues on your computer system. Which can help you to solve this kind of error problem easily and quickly.

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