How to Efficiently Fix user32.dll Error

fix user32.dll error

If you’re trouble with the error message saying “user32.dll not found” or something like that, and you have no idea how to solve this problem because you don’t even recognize this file, this page may work for you.

There’re many DLL (dynamic link library) files in computer system. Corresponding DLL file will be used when you are running a program. Because those DLL files can be shared by several programs, you may carelessly delete or modify them in a wrong way when you are trying to remove some programs.

What is user32.dll?

User32.dll is the interface for related applications program of UI on Windows with functions including Windows management and basic UI, such as creating windows and sending messages.

On the early Windows 32-bit operating system, user control is implemented on ComCtl32, while the display functions of some are accomplished on user32.dll. For instance, the drawing of places other than client area, such as frame and menu, are completed by user32.dll.

It is a core control closely combined with the operating system, for which reason, the same application program being run on different version of Windows shows a little difference on its interface due to a distinct user32.dll.

General Reason of user32.dll Error

A reason seen most commonly of this error is that the user32.dll file is corrupted by Trojan virus, then antivirus software diagnoses it as a virus and delete it. When your computer system cannot find it, error messages come up. In this case, you need to get another user32.dll file on a professional website for DLL files download, and copy it to the corresponding directory.

Repair the File to Fix user32.dll Error

If the system shows error messages like “user32.dll not found” or “user32.dll is missing” etc., you need to get your computer another user32.dll.

Copy and paste it to the following directory:

·Windows 95/98/Me—-C:\Windows\System
·Windows NT/2000—-C:\WINNT\System32
·Windows XP/7/8—-C:\Windows\System32

Click “Start” in the lower left corner→“All programs”→“Accessories”→“Command Prompt”, type in “regsvr32 user32.dll”, press the Enter key.

Some DLL files need to be registered after being copied to the relevant directory. For example, if the user32.dll in System32 folder is required to be registered and verified, you can execute “regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\abc.dll” command in “Command Prompt” window.

Solutions to Fix user32.dll Error Due to Virus

After you scan your computer with an antivirus program getting a result that user32.dll is infected by virus, you may conduct the cleaning by taking the steps below:

1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del at the same time to start the “Task Manager”, find “rundll32.exe” in the “Processes”section, select it, and click the “End Process” button;

2. Showing “Protected system file”;
Use Unlocker (software) to delete the two files:
C:\program files\internet explorer\use19.dll
C:\program files\internet explorer\use32.dll

3. Use SRE (System Repair Engineer) to modify the registry: wipe out “<main><rundll32.exe “C:\program files\internet explorer\use19.dll” mymain>”

4. Restart the computer, and job is done.

Registry Manners to Fix user32.dll Error

If your computer says “DLL load failed”, you can try to deal with it through the Registry:

1. Click “Start” in the lower left corner;

2. Type in “regedit”;

3. Press Enter key to open the “Registry Editor”;

4. Locate: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run;

5. Delete the relevant key value containing that DLL file;

Then click “Edit” → “Find”, type in “(name).dll to search it, and delete the file found. There may be more than one this kind of file, you may press F3 to find next.

Try An Effective Tool to Solve This Problem

When you can’t delete the desktop icons, can’t run your online games, blue screen somehow takes over, all things are running without any sound, desktop can’t be displayed, or homepage of your explorer has been compulsively changed, it is probably the problem caused by user32.dll error. In case the traditional methods above are a little bit difficult for you to thoroughly read and understand, you can get A Reliable Tool to efficiently help you get rid of those troubles.

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