How to Better Fix TrayApp.msi Error

fix TrayApp.msi error

Many people are puzzled by the pop-up window saying “Please wait while Windows configures TrayApp” as shown in the picture above. If you are one of them seeking for a proper solution, check this page.

Problem Description and Causing Reasons

When you are trying to start the Windows system or run a particular form, your computer shows an error message that the feature you are trying to use is not available, and tells you to insert the disk. And extension name of the missing file is “msi” (Microsoft installer), such as: TrayApp.msi.

This kind of error takes place due to incomplete installation of software or process of repairing missing information or removed registry entries. I am wondering whether you notice that many computers encountering this problem are connecting to a printer/copier/fax machine/scanner or their all-in-one machine.

Because there are too many programs, confusion of system operation may be caused on your PC; for example, TrayApp.msi can’t be found during the operation of printer. That’s why you’re required to do the installation every time you enter Windows.

Solutions to Deal with TrayApp.msi Error

  • If you still have the driver CD, try either way below:

1. Insert the CD before starting up your computer, it will automatically run the CD and install the program after startup.

2. After seeing the said pop-up window, insert the CD, enter Use source as: D:\setup\trayapp\TrayApp.msi, and click “OK” to proceed the installation.

  • In case you lost the driver CD, try to fix TrayApp.msi error through one of the solutions below:

1. Cancel or remove the program from WinStart Manager. You can simply conduct the setting with a relevant software.

2. Click “Start” in the lower left corner of desktop, type in “msconfig” in the box, press Enter key, select those (e.g. ctfmon, antivirus program, or firewall) you want to run at startup, and click “Apply/OK”. (It’s better if you could locate and turn them off separately.)

3. Click “Start”, type in “regedit” to open the Registry Editor, successively unfold:



See if there is any you want to inactivate, delete it, and reboot your computer after the removal.

  • If the problem still exists, try to scan your PC with antivirus program for Trojan, and repair the system by the following steps:

1. Update your antivirus program to the latest version, restart the computer, and press F8 to enter safe mode.

2. Run the program, click “system scan”, select all the items presented, and proceed the cleaning. If it asks whether to back up (In the event of cleaning mistakes. If no abnormality occurs, you may delete the back-up), click “Yes”.

3. If the trouble is not eliminated yet (try one by one if not work):

(1) Conduct the default system restore to recover system back to the status before TrayApp.msi error happened. (Or you can do it with a relevant software.)

(2) Click “Start”, type in “SFC /SCANNOW”, insert the original system tray, and it will automatically recover.

(3) Set CD-ROM as the first starting device, insert the original system tray, choose “Repair installation”.

(4) Re-install the operating system.

Simple Solution to Work Out System Errors and Registry Issues

If you are a general computer user, the problem may sound troublesome when it comes to system files or the Registry. In fact it is not that tough only if you pick the right tool to both manage current problems and prevent future obstacles during the use, let along fix TrayApp.msi error. After all, computer maintenance is a long-term effort.

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