Fix TBVerifier.dll Error Effectively on PC


Do you encounter an error message related to TBVerifier.dll when start up the computer system? Are you looking for a way to get rid of this annoying message on your PC? Many common computer users may be not clear the correct way to fix TBVerifier.dll error, if you are also suffered from this DLL error, the following content and instruction will offer you a great help.

TBVerifier.dll file description

File name: Conduit Toolbar Verifier
File size: 141.38 kB
Developer: Conduit Ltd.
Product: Conduit Toolbar Verifier

By default, file TBVerifier.dll is located in “C:\Program Files\Conduit\CT3289847\plugins\” folder, it comes into the computer with installing Conduit toolbar. The Conduit products are often regarded by many computer users and some antivirus programs as browser hijackers or adwares that can’t do nothing but promoting free programs and other advertisements, and some antivirus scanners even categorize it as a virus.

Error problem with TBVerifier.dll file could be due to many situations and cases on the computer, and generally, it comes from the following issue on your computer:

  • Improper removal of the Conduit toolbar
  • Your antivirus program stop it running on your PC
  • Bugs or running problems in associated Conduit Conduit toolbar
  • Virus attack problem
  • System registry issues

Proper instructions to fix TBVerifier.dll error

Completely uninstall Conduit toolbar


Conduit toolbar is a browser add-on that often installed on the computer with other free program without your knowing, once getting into your computer and browser, many DLL modules including TBVerifier.dll will be installed on your computer system. And the problems with this toolbar and its associated DLL module will just come out. Besides you will be often redirected to other unknown websites, annoyed by many freeware advertisements and other product’s promotion, you will be also affected by the start-up error which associated to the TBVerifier.dll file on computer. In this situation, it is suggested to uninstall Conduit toolbar thoroughly if it does not do any good for your computer and browser usage.

In order to clean up all of files of Conduit toolbar effectively on PC, here I would like to recommend you to use a third party uninstall tool rather than the Windows system removing utility. Compare to the Windows removing process, a professional removal tool will be more powerful and sophisticated to get rid of a program completely without any leftovers, so you do not need to worry about the TBVerifier.dll still leaving on the computer after removal, and you can fix TBVerifier.dll error with case.

Delete associated settings on your browsers

If the DLL error just appears after removing Conduit toolbar on your computer, please check your browsers, because there may be some settings still connect to the Conduit toolbar or its TBVerifier.dll file, and you will need to change the associated settings and options on the browser. Which including:

  • Disable and remove Conduit toolbar
  • Change the homepage to other reputable website like Google
  • Change default search engine


If you think it is laborious to clean these vestiges on every installed browsers, you can also choose to reset your web browsers and make them return to the original status. The you will be able to fix TBVerifier.dll error caused by the browser settings.


Conduct a virus scan and removal


There is another situations that your computer maybe stuck in serious virus infection, which bring a lot of running errors and start-up problems on PC. If you also find something abnormal on your computer, you should get start to check your Windows system security situation with a reliable antivirus program, and perform a virus removal to clean up all of infected viruses on your computer, than restart your computer. While the malicious virus are cleaned up completely, you also can fix TBVerifier.dll error as well.

Perform a registry error repair

Last but not least, system registry issue is also the big cause of TBVerifier.dll, as well as many other system problems and runtime error on the computer. As a central database of the Windows system, system registry is a place that stores many important and advanced settings and data, any one getting in an error issue will probably cause serious problems on PC. Therefore, to fix TBVerifier.dll error, you should go to check your system registry with a good registry error fix application, it can identify and find out all of problematic registries on the system, and hep you repair them quickly with the automatic fixing utility.

In order to provide a better protection to your computer, here are some important knowledge you should keep in mind:

laptop and shield

  • Do not install the toolbar or application you don’t know
  • Upgrade your antivirus program regularly
  • Program removal should be conducted completely and thoroughly
  • Regularly scan and fix system registry error problems on PC

Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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