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fix Runtime Error 216

Runtime Error 216 is a common error that often appears when people start their Windows operating system, open a Windows-based program or Internet Explorer. Sometimes it is easy to be repaired with a system restart, but sometimes it would be a hot potato for you to fix Runtime Error 216 well.

“Runtime Error 216 at Address.” “Runtime error 216 at 0000505F.” This is the error message that people often receive when they encounter the problem on computer. It will continue to display on the screen annoyingly until being fixed, and more seriously, the computer will also encounter many other problems which might be very dangerous for the computer situation. If you are one of the victims of this runtime error, you should take actions to fix Runtime Error 216 as quickly as possible.

What lead to the error issue on your computer?

  • A bug of raspppoe.sys file in most versions of Windows 7
  • Computer get a SubSeven Trojan virus infection
  • Windows system database is modified incorrectly
  • System registry issues

In order to avoid the serious system problems which brought by the runtime error, please refer to the following guides to fix Runtime Error 216 on your computer.

Resolutions to fix Runtime Error 216 for good

Firstly, scan and remove infected virus

Computer often encounters the Runtime Error 216 if getting the SubSeven Trojan virus infection, so you should firstly consider to scan your computer system with a professional antivirus program, once the virus and other malicious components are detected inside the system, you should clean them completely without any hesitation, please remember that it is suggested to update the virus database of your antivirus program to the newest version, so that the effective virus detection can be guaranteed.

  1. Open your antivirus program, click to update it to the newest version
  2. Click to scan your computer system completely
  3. Wait for the scan result, and choose to clean all of detected viruses
  4. Close the program, and restart the computer

Secondly, replace raspppoe.sys file with a new one in Windows system

If you are using Windows 7 operating system, the raspppoe.sys is probably the root of this problem. So you may need to replace the file with a new one on its original directory.

  1. Copy a brand-new raspppoe.sys file from another computer with the same Windows 7 system, and save on your computer
  2. Double click to open “My Computer”, and then go to system drive(C:\)
  3. Click to open “Windows” folder, and then “System 32”
  4. Continue to go to Drivers folder, find out the raspppoe.sys and rename it as “raspppoe_old.sys”
  5. Restart your computer to see whether the problem has been fixed

If the second solution fails to fix Runtime Error 216, please continue to the following step.

Thirdly, fix Runtime Error 216 with registry error fix

The last but not least you should do is to clean your Windows registry errors with an advanced Registry Cleaner, which is a tool that used to scan and fix different kinds of registry errors in the Windows system, running a registry scan and fix can effectively repair the computer system and resolve many runtime error problems, including fix Runtime Error 216.

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