Fix rgss102e.dll Error Properly – rgss102e.dll Error Step-by-Step Fix Guide

rgss102e.dll error is constantly happen in computer which has RPG Maker installed, it is a program that used to creating Roll Playing Game, and rgss102e.dll is part of the program, if you want to play game that has created by RPG Maker, rgss102e.dll file is needed. Otherwise errors like “Rgss102e.dlll could not be found” or “[game name] has failed to start because rgss102e.dll was not found” will show up when opening related game.

Error causes

rgss102e.dll error is a standard dll error, they all share the typical cause that is the file is not exist in the system, the rgss102e.dll can not disappear by itself, behind the rgss102e.dll error, there are many types of causes such as malware infection, registry corruption, mistaken computer operation, etc. You should adopt the proper solution for different causes, otherwise the error will not be fixed completely.

rgss102e.dll error – how to fix it

1. Restore the dll file
Any deleted file can be found in the Windows recycle bin if you haven’t empty it, so if you encounter the rgss102e.dll error, the first thing you should check is the Windows Recycle Bin, if the file can be found in it, right click on it and select Restore. What if you had emptied the recycle bin but you are pretty sure the file was deleted by you accidentally, is there a way to get it back, the answer is positive, using a data recovery software could achieve it, but down side is, it is not 100% work, so we are not recommend you to use it.

2. Replacing the missing rgss102e.dll file
Usually this is a common solution to fix dll error, but downloading rgss102e.dll from online resource is not that safe as many of those website offers invalid dll file download recourse which won’t bring any help. Instead of taking risk and wasting time searching for the download recourse, a we recommend you to use this tool named DLLSmith, DLLSmit provides the most effective solution to locate, download the correct dll file from legitimate and valid recourse as well as fix the dll error for you. Simply follow the below three steps to fix rgss102e.dll error.

  • Download DLLSmith here and install it on your computer.
  • Open DLLSmith, type rgss102e.dll in the blank of the interface and click “Start Analysis Now”,
  • After the Scan & Search finished, click “Download & Fix Now” button the program will help you to download valid & clean rgss102e.dll file and register it in your system.

3. Reinstalling RPG Maker
The logic is simple, as rgss102e.dll comes from RPG Maker, the simple way to get it back is to reinstall RPG Maker program. You may first go to Start – Control Panel – Add/Remove program to uninstall RPG Maker, then double click the installation setup file to reinstall it, you can also download the setup file of RPG Maker here if you don’t have it on your computer, after the reinstallation finished, reboot your computer to retest the errors.

Additional tips

1. Scan for malware
Malware has now become the second largest online threats to computer users, as long as your computer is connected to the internet, there are chances for the machine to get infected by malware, some of them is able to affect the installed RPG Maker program and damage the rgss102e.dll file stored within, and there are possibilities that the malware could continually damage the dll file and cause the error reappearance, in order to avoid such problem, it is better to run a malware/virus scan over your system before employing any solution to fix rgss102e.dll error,  However you should keep in mind that not every antivirus program has the ability to detect and remove malware, make sure the security program in your computer has that feature.

2. Fix Registry problem
Registry problem happens in nearly every computer, most people can’t tell the relation between registry problems and computer errors, actually there is a big connection between them. Registry is the core component of Windows, it controls the functions of all the dll files in the system, once it is clogged up by too many wasted, invalid or corrupt entries, the system will not be able to access to the dll file successfully every time you launch the related program, and errors such as  rgss102e.dll error will show up. You may download a reliable registry cleaner here, this could help you clean up Windows registry and avoid problems like rgss102e.dll error.

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