Effective Solution to Fix PSIKey.dll Error Properly – How to Guide

Many computer users experienced error that associated with PSIKey.dll file and don’t know what is PSIKey.dll and what’s going on with their computers. PSIKey.dll file actually comes from the application named Protexis developed by Protexis Inc, a company that offers digital rights management services for software publishers. Since PSIKey.dll is not a file directly link to the system, it is not protected by the system file protection system, so it can be deleted or damaged by many means which lead to PSIKey.dll errors.

What exactly cause the errors

  • PSIKey.dll file is absent and unable to be accessed by the system. (deleted or moved to another location of your computer)
  • PSIKey.dll file was moved to some where in the computer other than the original location.
  • You computer is attacked by malware.
  • Windows registry is corrupted or clog up.

PSIKey.dll error fix solutions

Here are several solutions listed below that could help you fix the error, apply them according to your particular circumstance. Keep in mind that PSIKey.dll error should be fixed promptly once encounter, do not leave it stick around in your computer to generate more unexpected problems.

Solution: retrieve the missing PSIKey.dll file

PSIKey.dll is most likely caused by file absent problems, for situations like that, if you can get a copy of the file and place it back to the required location in the system, problem can be solved easily. Many people might be thinking about to download the file from the internet, actually it is not a very good idea and it is not recommended to average computer users, because there are many different versions of PSIKey.dll file, it is difficult to find the proper version that suit your particular system, another thing you should be aware is that, it seems like many website provides dll download resource, actually over 80% of them is illegimate with no authorised resource, some of those website even contains virus that could make your computer problems even worse. We highly suggest that you use professional tool like DLLSmith to help download and install the missing dll to get the dll error fixed effectively, there are three simply steps involved to fix PSIKey.dll error:

  • Download DLLSmith here and install it in your PC.
  • Launch the fix tool and the program will automatically search Vb6stkit.dll from authorised recourse.
  • Click Download and Fix Now button to download the dll file on to your PC, the program will automatically install the dll file onto your system and the PSIKey.dll error will be fix by then.

What if the error still persist

1. If you download and replace the dll file but unfortunately find out that the error still exist, there is possibility that your computer is infected with malware, and the file keep bing damaged by the malware so that bring you the PSIKey.dll error constantly. If you suspect that’s your case, run a full malware scan over your system with a reliable anti-malware program, remove all the found threats, and then repeat the steps in solution 1 to fix PSIKey.dll error. In order to avoid critical system errors, we suggest that you perform the malware scan and removal under the Windows Safe Mode, you can restart the computer, then press F8 key before you see the Windows logo, then select Safe Mode option in the Advanced Boot Options.

2. Another possible reason is registry issues. For computers which have registry corruption problems, the system can not access to the PSIKey.dll file successfully, this can also generates PSIKey.dll errors. You need to manage the registry problems first if you want to fix PSIKey.dll error. The most effective solution to clean and fix registry problem is applying a reliable registry cleaner, you may follow these three steps to fix the registry as well as PSIKey.dll error.

John McDowell Windows Certified Expert

John McDowell is an professional computer engineer who currently running his own computer company. He has over 12 years computer experience and would like to share his personal tips and knowledge about computer maintenance and problem troubleshooting to anybody who needs it.

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