Fix Ntkrnlmp.exe Error – What’s Ntkrnlmp.exe file

fix Ntkrnlmp.exe error

File ntkrnlmp.exe with the description NT Kernel & System belongs to the Windows operating systems, it is specially used to support the related startup services for installed programs in the systems. And you will receive the error message annoyingly if this process file has some problems of running on your computer.

About ntkrnlmp.exe error

Common error message: Ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded followed by error code 7

Windows operating system will display such an error message to inform the user when the required file cannot be read or operate on the computer. And the ntkrnlmp.exe error usually occurs for the following reasons:

  • Incompatible BIOS ( Basic Input/Output System) settings
  • Damage DLL and related registry files
  • Mistaken removal of ntkrnlmp.exe file
  • Virus and malware invasion
  • Program conflict

If one cannot fix ntkrnlmp.exe error as soon as possible, it will cause many more problems on the computer, which including the Blue screen of Death and system crash. To study how can resolve this problem, please see the following content.

Information about how to fix ntkrnlmp.exe error on computer

Disable ACPI from the BIOS

  1. Reboot the computer, pay attention when you are during the start-up, and press “Del” or “F2” to enter the BIOS setup
    (As different computer have different ways to enter to the BIOS setup, you should be cautious to press the key at the bottom )
  2. When you go to the BIOS Configuration, please go to the Power Management Setup menu
  3. Find out and locate on the icon called ACPI Aware Operating System
  4. Set the value to No via using the Page Upon Page Down option
  5. Save and receive the backup

Check and clean infected viruses on the computer

To protect the computer system and BIOS settings from being damaged, modified by the dangerous virus, malware and spyware is very important for avoid and fix ntkrnlmp.exe error. If you do not check your computer’s security situation for a long time, please update your antivirus program (if you haven’t installed, please equip your PC with a reputable one), and then scan your computer system thoroughly, if some malicious processes or files are detected, you should clean them with immediate action.

Employ a registry cleaner to fix ntkrnlmp.exe error

The most complex and common cause of ntkrnlmp.exe error locates on the registry issue, any corruption or abnormal issue with registry on your computer system will be possible to cause the related error problem on the PC. Therefore, to fix ntkrnlmp.exe error effectively, it is advised to install a good registry cleaner on your computer, which is a third party tool that focus on helping computer users to find out and fix all of existed registry issues, clean useless junk files on the system with automatic fixing feature.

Registry files are important data on the computer, many advanced options, settings and configuration are stored in this database, protecting these registries well is ensuring the stability and efficiency of the system performance. Otherwise, you may get more and more system problems and have no idea to handle.

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