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netevent.dll error

Netevent.dll, also named Net Event Handler, is designed as a shared library for netdiagfx.dll, it is responsible to extract the network components error messages on the computer, if someday the file does not work as it is required, you will see the following error information on your computer:

“netevent.dll is not found”
“Microsoft Windows Operating System was unsuccessful to start since netevent.dll is not present”.

The netevent.dll missing or corrupted error is a common problem in many computers, as this file has a close relationsip with 18944 system files which should be used to execute many of programs on the computer like SKY Internet Security and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, to avoid the following problems on your computer, it is indispensable to take immediate actions to fix netevent.dll error.

General results of netevent.dll:

  • Outdated system cannot read or load the netevent.dll file
  • System blue screen of death (BSOD)
  • Obvious deduction of system performance
  • Driver fails to update
  • Trigger other .dll errors and .exe errors

Possible causes you should make clear about the error:

  • Netevent.dll is damaged, corrupted or missing on the computer
  • Windows startup and registry error issue
  • Improper uninstallation or operation of related application

What’s the good way to fix netevent.dll error on PC

Options one – Uninstall the related program on your computer

If the error problem just occurs after installing a program like Program:Win32/AdRevMedia, you can try to fix netevent.dll error by removing the newly installed program from your computer, for that there may be some components on the program are incompatible with the netevent.dll file on your Windows system, and cause the Blue Screen of Death error.

Option two – update the Net Event Handler driver

When you get this DLL error on your computer, you can go to check whether the Net Event Handler driver is outdated, because this is also one of the general causes of the netevent.dll error, and affect other DLL files like netfxperf.dll and netfxperf.dll. To fix netevent.dll error and avoid any other possible errors on the computer, you should update the Net Event Handler driver to the latest version regularly.

Option three – Reinstall the netevent.dll file

For some reasons, the netevent.dll file is deleted, overwritten or damaged on your computer, and make the Windows system unable to find or use it to support the related operation. In this case, you should go to check whether the netevent.dll file is on its default location C:\windows\system32, if it is missing or moved to other placed, you can solve this problem by reinstalling a new netevent.dll file on its default location, and register it on the Windows system.

Steps to register the netevent.dll file on system

  1. Click Start >>> Run >>> type “cmd”>>> press Enter
  2. Type “regsvr32 netevent.dll” on the next box >>> press Enter

Option four – Employ a registry error fixer to fix netevent.dll error (suggested)

Inviting a registry error fixer is the most recommended way to fix netevent.dll error on the computer, actually, besides netevent.dll error, many other error issues on the computer system also can be fixed well with a sophisticated registry error fixer, this is because the registry problem is the big cause of various error issues on the computer, when finding and repairing those related registry problems on the Windows system, the current error problem and system performance will be back to normal, and will not be annoyed by the continuing error notification. Therefore, if you want to fix netevent.dll error easily, you want to save much of time and efforts in the computer problem repair, installing a registry error fixer will be a good choice.

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