Fix Msvcp71.dll Error Guides – How to Fix Windows Error Problems with Ease

fix msvcp71.dll error

Msvcp71.dll is a dynamic link library that closely related to the Microsoft Runtime C Library, and is used by those programs which are written in C or C++ source code programmer’s language to support the associated processes and applications. So that it should stay on the computer system and cannot be deleted or damaged randomly.

“This application has failed to start because msvcp71.dll was not found”
“Msvcp71.dll is a bad Windows image. Please check again.”
“The program can’t start because Msvcp71.dll is missing from your computer. Try re-installing the program….”

When the msvcp71.dll error happens, you will firstly find this kind of error message appears on your computer, besides the annoying error message will display on the computer screen in many times, you will also get such problems as being not able to open or start up some applications, computer running very slowly, system freezing up and encountering the Blue Screen of Death errors.

This error problem can be caused by several issues on the computer, when you get this problem and want to fix msvcp71.dll error effectively, you can firstly go to make sure about whether your computer has such problems:

  • File msvcp71.dll is damaged or deleted accidentally
  • Windows system is outdated
  • Irregular BIOS settings
  • Hardware malfunction
  • Related registries
  • Virus invasion problem

How can fix msvcp71.dll error problem?

Firstly step: make sure your computer system is protected well from malicious virus

Malicious viruses like Trojan horse, worms and malware can do more damages for the computer system than many people thing, once your computer is unfortunately infected by malicious viruses, you will not only lose many of your important files, confidential informations and programs, many system files like msvcp71.dll and other registries also became the target of the horrible invader. Therefore, in order to protect your computer and msvcp71.dll file from being damaged by the virus or malware, you will firstly go to check the security of your computer with an outstanding antivirus software, and clean out those viruses who sneak to our computer system. And restart your computer.

Second step: update your Windows system and drivers

As the msvcp71.dll error is also probably caused by the outdated Windows system or drivers issue, when cleaning the infected virus does not work for solving this error problem, you can try to update your Windows system and drivers to fix msvcp71.dll error. As the Microsoft operating system has been contains the system and driver update utility, people can make sue of this system update utility to install the newest version of the specific Windows system and drivers on their computers.

Tips: no matter your computer encounters the error problem nor not, updating the Windows system and drives should become the regular task you need to do for the computer maintenance.

Third step: fix msvcp71.dll error with sophisticated registry fixer

If the error issue also cannot be repaired in the second step, you will need to consider a professional and advanced registry error fix application. There is a common system problem that most of the error issues are actually caused by the registry errors. So when you encounter an error issue such as msvcp71.dll error, it is often needed to check your computer system with a good registry fixer, and fix all of related registry error issue on the computer system.

Steps to fix msvcp71.dll error with registry fixer:

  • Step 1 – Download and install a reliable registry fixer
  • Step 2 – Launch the program to scan your computer system completely
  • Step 3 – Click to fix all of registry issues detected from your PC
  • Step 4 – Restart the computer

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