Fix Mso.dll Error with Ease on Computer

What’s mso.dll?

Mso.dll is regarded as a dynamic link library component of Microsoft Office programs which are both developed by the Microsoft Corporation, this file contributes its special features and functions for the smooth and effective running of the related Microsoft Office program, but the mso.dll error problem often happens on computers and annoy many people.

The truth of mso.dll error

The mso.dll error event often occurs when the Windows system or related programs are unable to read the required mso.dll file on computer. And you will firstly get to know this error from the problem information like:

“mso.dll is deleted”
“2007 Microsoft Office system was unsuccessful to start since mso.dll is not located”.

Why does the DLL file cannot be read successfully, it maybe comes from the following problems inside your computer:

  • Microsoft Office program is corrupted or installed improperly
  • File mso.dll is damaged or deleted by accident
  • Damaged swap file
  • Malicious virus attacks your computer and associated files
  • Invalid or corrupted Windows registry files

Methods to fix mso.dll error with ease

Reinstall the associated Microsoft Office program

The improper installation or operation of Microsoft Office program will be very easy to trigger the mso.dll error problem on computer, in this case, you need to fix mso.dll error by reinstalling the Microsoft Office program on your computer.

Note: as Microsoft Office program contains a great deal of files and components on the computer, before reinstalling the program, you should firstly uninstall it thoroughly from your computer, which often cannot be completed with the computer attached uninstall utility. To uninstall the whole Microsoft Office program without any leftovers, it is recommended to use a third party uninstaller to remove this program completely and automatically on your computer.

Perform a scan and removal of infected viruses

The mso.dll file is installed in the %PROGRAM_FILES% sub-folder by default, and its usual size is 16,870,712 bytes. If this file is found in anywhere else and has a different size, you should think about whether this file is a virus camouflage on your computer system. To get rid of the infected viruses and protect your Windows system and various components, you should conduct a virus scan and removal with a powerful security program.

  1. Invite a powerful and professional antivirus program on your computer
  2. Make use of this security program to scan the Windows system
  3. When there are some malicious viruses presented on its detect result, select all of them
  4. Click on the remove button
  5. Restart your computer when the virus removal is completed.

Repair registry errors on Windows system

There are many registry files on Windows system should be used to support the working and performance of mso.dll file, when you encounter the mso.dll error, you should go to check your Windows system, and repair those corrupted or invalid registry files which are related to the mso.dll module. Otherwise, these registry problems will continue to trigger many other DLL or other error issues on your computer, which will be a big trouble and obstacle for your activities on the computer, and also damage the system structure and decrease thole Windows system performance seriously.

Steps to fix registry errors on computer system:

  • One – Download and install a good registry fixer on PC
  • Two – Launch this fixer to scan your computer system for registry issue
  • Three – Choose all of registry error issues it finding on your Windows
  • Four – Click on the fix icon to complete the whole repairing process
  • Five – Restart your computer system

Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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