Fix Mscorlib.dll Error Tips in

Mscorlib.dll faulty information:
“Fatal Error: Failed to delay load library mscorlib.dll (Win 32 error: 127)This program can no longer run and will now terminate”
“Microsoft .NET Framework was not able to launch due to mscorlib.dll is not located”

Mscorlib.dll error is a common issue that many people need to figure out on their computer, but the effective solution has not been found by most of people. What’s the method can help people to fix mscorlib.dll error ? Please go on reading the following content.

Mscorlib.dll is a dynamic link library component that related to the . NET Compact Framework, this is a file that used to provide the start up service for many applications on the computer, both of the file and the .NET Framework application are developed by the Microsoft Corporation, and should not be cleaned out or stopped randomly on the computer.

Unfortunately, the mscorlib.dll file often encounters some error issues, such as the DLL file is missing or corrupted on the computer. And then, the computer will become very difficult to use, a lot of troubles and problems will be triggered on PC:

  • Computer always gets the mscorlib.dll fault warnings
  • Many programs cannot be used without the mscorlib.dll file
  • System operates very slowly
  • Computer easily gets freeze-up

What’s the best way to fix mscorlib.dll error?

There are actually many available ways to fix the DLL error on the computer, but not all of these solutions are easy to handle and help you to fix this error all the time. So you can choose the one which you think is most suitable and efficient for repairing this error issue.

Option one – utilize a registry cleaner (suggested)

In most situations, the mscorlib.dll and other DLL errors are caused by the system registry errors, which occurs when you improperly uninstall a program, being infected by malicious viruses, or have other incorrect actions when using the computer. As Windows registry is a crucial part of the system, people should protect it well from being damaged, infected or removed on the computer. Otherwise, besides the mscorlib.dll error, many other serious problems like Blue Screen of Death, system crashes, and being not able to start up the computer will present on your PC. To fix mscorlib.dll error and other similar problem, using an advanced registry cleaner is always a good way.

How to fix mscorlib.dll error with registry cleaner

  1. Install the registry cleaner you download on your computer
  2. Start the program to scan your whole computer system
  3. Wait for the scan completed, and select all of detected error issues
  4. Click to fix these registry issues completely
  5. Restart the computer for a try

Option two – reinstall and re-register the file

The program removal or other system problems sometimes would mistakenly delete the mscorlib.dll file or make it unable to be read by the Windows system. To fix mscorlib.dll error in this case, you should install the file again, and register on your computer. There are many DLL download resource online, please make sure you download the file from a reputable resource such as DLLSmith, for that it is easy to be cheated by the virus.

Steps to register the mscorlib.dll on computer system:

  1. Open start menu, click “Run”
  2. Enter the content on the box: cmd
  3. And type the content on the next: regsvr32 mscorlib.dll

Option three – clean invaded viruses to fix mscorlib.dll error

Sometimes the computer system and mscorlib.dll file are easily to be infected by malicious viruses like Worm:PHP/Caracula or spyware Win32/AdvancedXPFixe. To solve this problem, it is obviously needed to check and clean those infected viruses on your computer with a professional antivirus program.

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