Fix Kernelbase.dll Error – Troubleshoot the Kernelbase.dll Error on Your Computer

Are you a poor victim of the kernelbase.dll error problem? Are you eager to find a way can help you get rid of it from your computer? This file is a Windows NT BASE API Client DLL that belongs to the Microsoft Windows Operating system, when the component gets into trouble, you will undoubtedly encounter some difficulties when use the computer.

Many applications on the computer cannot perform without the help of this Dynamic link Library. Once receiving the kernelbase.dll error message on your PC like “kernelbase.dll file cannot found” or “The required kernelbase.dll is missing” or something else, that will be confirmed that you computer is occurring the serious kernelbase.dll error problem,and other more troublesome issues would come to your computer gradually, such as:

  • Extremely slow system running speed
  • Many applications become invalid and do not work on the PC
  • Other DLL or EXE error issues emerge
  • Blue Screen of Death

Besides these negative impacts of this error issue, the most frequent and serious consequence is the crash problem, many computer users often encounter the web browser crash, application crash and system crash when they have this DLL error problem on their computer, and they have to forcedly stop the program and shut down the computer system in an improper way.

How can you fix kernelbase.dll error on your computer in a good way?

Clean out all of viruses on your computer with antivirus program

As we all know that, virus is always the horrible destroyer for the computer system, it is always the chief culprits for your essential files and programs being damaged, your confidential information being stolen and your system settings being messed up…, so, it is also possible that the kernelbase.dll error is just for the file to be damaged or removed by these infected viruses on your computer. If the error problem on your computer is in this case, you should invite a powerful antivirus program to help you find out and get rid of all the infected viruses from your computer, because any one would be the destroyer of this DLL file.

Reinstall or download the program which trigger the kernelbase.dll error

If the error problem just occur after you installing a program on your computer, it will in all probability be from the program, there may be some files containing on this program show incompatibility with the kernelbase.dll file or the newly installed program modifies the DLL file which make it cannot be read by the computer system. In this case, you should uninstall the program on your PC and install the one which is more compatible with your operating system.

If the kernelbase.dll error occur when you uninstall one certain program, the kernelbase.dll file may be removed or corrupted by the improper uninstallation. So you can try to install the program again, or install a new kernelbase.dll file if the current one has been removed from your PC.

Automatically fix registry issues on your PC

As a matter of fact, the most common place would trigger such kind of error problem is the Windows registry, which is not only the essential place for supporting the system performance, but also the one that is easiest to create the error problem, for that those registry files in it would often counter some problems for different reasons. The registry is a part that is needed to be protected and fixed regularly.

If you do not have a registry fix tool on your PC, it is highly recommended to equip your computer with a reputable one, and try to use it to solve the kernelbase.dll error problem. This kind of program always can help you scan and fix this DLL error on the computer.

Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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