Fix Javaw.exe Error Problems on Web Browser

Javaw.exe is a process file that comes from the Java command line tool and Java™ Platform SE binary, besides having no a related console window, this file looks much the same as java.exe, which is designed by Sun Microsystems and used in conjunction with an Internet browser as well as offering functionality to the web Protocol. However, this file sometimes gets something wrong and requires you to fix Javaw.exe error issue if you want to continue to use the associated features.

Where does the javaw.exe error come from?

Multiple situations on the computer can lead to javaw.exe error, the most common ones are:

  • Improper installation of the application on the computer
  • Undesirable removal or missing javaw.exe process file
  • Related file like connected .dll is corrupted
  • Virus invasion problem
  • Associated system registry problem
  • Corrupted or outdated driver issue

Negative influences of javaw.exe error

  • Blue Screen Of Death errors
  • Related Java processes stop performing on the web browser
  • One cannot watch video or other media files supported by Java
  • Annoying error messages bombard the computer screen
  • Web browser crashes frequently

What can help you fix javaw.exe error

Re-register connected .dll file on your Windows system

Connected.dll is a dll module that often used to support the running of javaw.exe process, the javaw.exe error sometimes caused by this dll file being not able to be read by the Windows system. In this case, you should register the file again on your PC, the specific steps are:

  1. Click on Start — Run — type “cmd” — Enter
  2. Type the content in the new box: regsvr_javaw.exe — Enter

Update your web browser to the latest version

The outdated version of web browser often has some bugs and disadvantages during the usage, which includes affecting the smooth operation of web browser, so, to make sure the web browser is not obstructed by the outdated issue, you should check and install the newest update of your web browser from the reputable official website.

Remove virus infection

As many users know that malicious virus can be named anything possible on the infected computer, even the javaw.exe file. In order to fix javaw.exe error and secure the computer system, it is highly recommended to perform a complete scan and virus removal with a professional antivirus program, otherwise you will probably encounter a more serious security problem on your PC.

Apply a registry optimizer to fix javaw.exe error

There are few people realize the importance of cleaning and repairing system registry, but in most of cases, the overloaded or corrupted Windows registry is often the cause of many error issues and system problems on PC. Advanced system data, configurations, essential program files and settings are all storing in the Windows registry, even a very small error can create the serious problems in this database.

Therefore, to fix javaw.exe error effectively, you should repair all the registry problems on your Windows system, which including deleting the useless ones. Thus, the javaw.exe operation will not be affected by the problematic or overloaded system registry, and the computer will get a much better performance as well.

Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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