Fix iTunes Error 11 – iTunes Error 11 How to Fix Guide

Many iPhone users encountered iTunes Error 11 and have no idea how did it happen and how to fix it, take it easy here is the tutorial help you to make this error disappear.

Typical error message you will see

How to Fix iTunes Error 11

Before you start fixing the error, you will need to make sure the computer is not infected by any malware, certain malware is able to interfere the function of iTunes software and not allow it to perform the restore action properly, so, in order to fix the error completely, you should first run a full malware scan over your computer with a reliable anti-malware software like Nod32, Mcafee, then remove all the found threats. After you went throught the malware test, move on to the next section.

iTunes Error 11 commonly happens when a iPhone user try to use Absinthe 2.0.1 to upgrade his jailbroken phone to the newly released iOS 5.1.1 version, and when you try to do the upgrade, you also need to run the TinyUmbrella tool, this tool is often the exact cause that brings up the iTunes Error 11, keep in mind that, this tool won’t work with iOS 5.1.1, it can not be used to upgrade your iPhone to any iOS version higher than 5.0. To solve the problem, if you can get the iPhone run at PWNED DFU mode by using the iREB 5 tool, perform the following steps to fix iTunes Error 11

  • Open My Computer, navigate to the system drive and locate the folder of System32/Drivers/…/Hosts.
  • In the folder you can find the HOSTS file listed in it, right click on it and run it as Notepad
  • Delete any found entry called
  • Open your iTunes software and you should found that the phone is in Recovery Mode
  • Press Shift key on your keyboard, select Restore option
  • Point the target to custom firmware to restore it.
  • Restart your computer and retest the error

By doing the above steps will most likely help you fix the iTunes error 11. If you found the error persist, you may need to check out your computer registry status, clean the obsolete and invalid entries stucked in it.

Registry is the very core of the entire system, a messed up registry can easily bring you various computer problems including this iTunes error 11. It is recommended to use reliable registry cleaner – Registry Nuke to help you clean and fix Windows registry, keep your computer run at its highest performance and avoid any errors that brought by registry problems. If you haven’t mange the iTunes error 11, download the error fix tool here and the problem will be fixed in just a few mouse clicks.

John McDowell Windows Certified Expert

John McDowell is an professional computer engineer who currently running his own computer company. He has over 12 years computer experience and would like to share his personal tips and knowledge about computer maintenance and problem troubleshooting to anybody who needs it.

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