Fix Isdone.dll Error – Download Isdone.dll and Fix Error Effectively

Isdone.dll is one of the main dll files in the computer that used by the system to execute related tasks, for example, in order to run certain games or launch particular applications, Windows system need to call on Isdone.dll file to access to the executable code from the registry, if you unfortunately receive error message that related to the Isdone.dll file, that may indicates there are something wrong with the file and your computer system was unable to reach it successfully.

Typical causes of Isdone.dll errors

  • The Isdone.dll has been deleted from your computer.
  • System configuration has been changed
  • Isdone.dll file is damaged by malware or virus.
  • Windows registry is clogged up or corrupted.

Solutions to fix Isdone.dll error

For the first time you encounter such error, no harry to try out other solution, believe it or not, go restart the computer once, Isdone.dll error can sometimes caused by temporary system mis-configuration, for problems like that, a reboot of the system can set all things right thus erase the error for you. If it doesn’t know, move on to solution2.

Download and replace the dll file

Isdone.dll error commonly show up in different forms of messages telling you that the Isdone.dll file is missing or can not be found on your computer, to fix the error, how to retrieve the absent Isdone.dll file is the key. The internet is a good place to look into, and search engine is a excellent tool to help you spot where you can get a fresh copy of Isdone.dll file, here is the steps you can follow:

  • Visit or other search engine you familiar (usually is the most recommended one)
  • Type in and search the term of “download Isdone.dll” and you will be return thousands of result that related to the search enquiry.
  • Pick a website to download the file onto your computer, normally to browse 2 or 3 pages is enough.
  • Place the downloaded file to the location of C:\Windows\System32 in your computer.
  • Click Start > Run
  • Type “cmd” in the run box that appear.
  • Type “regsvr32 Isdone.dll” on the black screen and press Enter
  • Restart your computer for once.

For average computer users, however, we are not recommend you to try the above manual solutions cause it can be a bit complicated and dangerous involved, we all know that there is no such thing as free lunch in the world, if you are not experienced enough to use the search engine, you may not know how to pick up a reliable website out of thousands, many of the website offers invalid dll downloads even infected with virus, if you are unable to distinguish such website and download the file from them, the problem can end up much more complicated. For your computer’s safety as well as your convenient, we suggest you to use DLLSmith to help you fix any dll error easily within clicks. All you need is performing the below three simple steps and Isdone.dll will be downloaded and the error will be fix automatically:

  • Download DLLSmith here and install it in your PC.
  • Launch the fix tool and the program will automatically search┬ácommon.dll from authorised recourse.
  • Click Download and Fix Now button to download the dll file on to your PC, the program will automatically install the dll file onto your system and the common.dll error will be fix by then.

Remove registry corruption

For people who is getting Isdone.dll error, there are also possibility that your computer registry is corrupted. Registry corruption can easily happen to any computer, it mainly caused by the invalid or obsolete entries that left from software installation/removal, if you found the Isdone.dll error persist even you place a new copy in the system, go clean and fix the Windows registry with a trusted registry cleaner like RegistryNuke, this could most likely to solve the problem for you.

John McDowell Windows Certified Expert

John McDowell is an professional computer engineer who currently running his own computer company. He has over 12 years computer experience and would like to share his personal tips and knowledge about computer maintenance and problem troubleshooting to anybody who needs it.

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