Fix ftd2xx.dll Error Solution – Error How to Fix Guide

ftd2xx.dll is known as a third party dll file that developed by FTDI Ltd, it is majorly used by the FTDI FTD2XX Drivers to ensure the related Windows application can function properly. Since the ftd2xx.dll is a non-system file and which comes from other application/software you installed in the computer, it can be deleted or moved from the original location thus cause errors when computer users are trying to open programs that use FTDI FTD2XX Drivers. Typical error messages including ‘Ftd2xx.dll is missing. Re-installing the application may resolve this issue’, ‘Cannot find ftd2xx.dll. Please re-install this application.’, though it is not a fatal computer error, ftd2xx.dll error can still cause you other system problems if you don’t fix it in time.

ftd2xx.dll error causes

  • You mistakenly deleted the dll file.
  • The dll file is not stored in the right location.
  • Your computer registry is not working properly as it is corrupted.
  • The dll file was overwritten by an older or incompatible version.

How to troubleshot ftd2xx.dll error

The first thing you may try is reboot the computer once, sometime such dll error is caused by system mis-configuration, a restart of the system can set it right, if the error still exist, go on and try out the next solution.

Replacing a new copy of ftd2xx.dll

If the error was simply caused by the file missing problem, it can be easily fixed by replacing a new copy of the file into the right location of the computer. Through search engines like google, yahoo, you can easily find website that has dll download recourse, pick a website to download ftd2xx.dll file onto your local hard drive, place the file in the location of C:\WINDOWS\system32, and then go to Start > Run > CMD, use the regsvr32 ftd2xx.dll commend to register the file into the system. It is the most common solution to fix dll missing error. There are a couple of things you may need to be careful about, the website you download the dll from should be clean and legitimate, and do not forget to register (install) the file into the system after you place it in the right folder, otherwise the dll file won’t take effect in the system.

Restore the system

System restore function is available This solution could help you fix most of the system error not only the ftd2xx.dll error, but of course it has a down side, you need to create a restore point before in the system restore center, otherwise this solution won’t work for you. If you does have a restore point in your computer, which is previous to the error happening, then you can go to Start > All program > Accessories > System tool, and then activate System restore, follow the on-screen instruction to proceed the restoration.

Clean up the registry

Registry problem is not happen over night, sometime you installed too much applications in the computer, and did not uninstall them completely, the registry will get bloated as too much wasted and invalid entries were left inside the registry, and this is the root for many computer problems including this ftd2xx.dll error. If the ftd2xx.dll error on your computer was caused by registry problem, the above solution won’t work on fixing it, you need to perform clean up the registry by following these three simple steps:

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