fix Error Code 6602

Do you know how to handle it when you receive an error code like error code 6602 on computer? What does the code mean and how to fix error code 6602? Knowing about the error description will greatly help you to resolve it.


Computer encountering an error code 6602 with the “ERROR_LOG_SECTOR_REMAPPED” massage often means the log service encountered a remapped log sector. Simply put, there is something wrong with the log service on your Windows system, and you should troubleshoot this problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will constantly receive this error code, and have to meet these problems on your computer:

  • Associated system features and operations are disabled
  • Several system issues will be triggered afterwards
  • Computer running speed will serious be affected
  • System freeze-up or crash issue
  • Additional DLL or EXE errors

Stop and fix error code 6602 is much easier than many people think, and the most important thing that you should make clear what cause the problem on your compute, then we can take proper solutions to resolve it quickly and effectively.

Steps to fix error code 6602 in Windows

First step: restart your machine


Because of the Windows start error or running problems on the computer, sometimes people will come across a temporary error. You can firstly try to restart your computer system and reconnecting, the error message may not appear again. If the computer restart does not work, please go to the second step.

Second step: install available Windows system updates to fix error code 6602

Simple perform a Windows update usually can resolve many issues on the computer, including fix error code 6602, because the newest version of your Windows system will improve and avoid many of bugs and issues inside, and effectively enhance the whole system performance. So, please perform an update for your Windows system.

  • Click on Start button > All Programs > select Windows Update


  • Click Check for updates on the left side, then the Windows system will check all of available updates for your computer
  • Install all of updates with instructions, and enter your administrator password when it requires you to do an administrator confirmation.

Note: perform a Windows update is very important for the stable and effective performance of computer.


Third step: disable “simple file sharing” and create shared folder

Open the associated system files on the computer, and check the file sharing settings via clicking the Share tab
Turn off “simple file sharing”, then turn to create a shared folder on your computer

If you don’t know which files caused this problem and associated with the system’s log service, you will need to ask a computer professional for help or take another way to fix error code 6602.

Forth step: conduct a system registry error fix


Another common cause of the error code issue is registry error on your Windows system, some registries store in computer system are easily damaged or deleted by the program’s improper operation or people’s removal error. And lacking of these files will trigger many Windows problems and issues. Therefore, to fix error code 6602 which may be caused by the registry issue. You should employ a registry optimizer to help you check and repair all of registry problems well.

Other methods may help to fix error code 6602

Besides the resolutions mentioned above, resolutions like virus removal, driver update or re-install the related program sometimes also can help you to figure it out. Getting know about the reason of the problem is the important factor to fix error code 6602 effectively.


Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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