How to Fix Error Code 61 – How to Repair System Errors


If you’re trying to send a document to a local or networked printer, and there are other tasks pending for the printer or in an error status due to a corruption or other programs, you will see a pop-up dialog saying “The printer queue is full. (code 61)”.

You may also get this error stating “Write permissions error/Not a publisher” at times while you are working on a file, even though you have logged in as the administrator. This error is technically related Write Permission Error that says you do not have the permission to edit or delete the file. This mostly occurs when the disk is under read-write protection. It is somehow file permission error, while on Mac it’s categorized as “wrPermErr Write permissions error/Not a publisher”.

Fortunately it is a known problem, and there are several simple guides to help you quickly fix Error Code 61, and other printer problems may also be solved at the same time.


Other Possible Reasons You Receive Error Code 61

This error and some other critical errors appear when your Windows operating system gets corrupted (e.g. one or more system files got missing or damaged). It may take very long to open a file or a program. Everything becomes much slower than before, and response times lags. And when your are running multiple programs, system crashes and freezes may happen. So the sooner you fix Error Code 61, the better you can work with your machine.

There are numerous reasons of this error, for example, excessive startup entries, fragmented files, unnecessary or redundant application installation, registry errors, hardware/RAM decline, and the following typical ones:

  • The operating system is corrupted or the second incompatible system is running over drives.
  • There might be issues in user account.
  • Corrupted disks/bad sectors on disks.
  • Not enough/unavailable drive space.
  • Highly CPU power consumed by programs.
  • System installation problems.
  • Installation of incompatible or faulty hardware, software or driver.
  • Running virus, Trojan or malware on your computer.

Specific Steps to Fix Error Code 61


Method Two

1. Uninstall the driver of the printer you’re using.

2. Disconnect and power off the printer.

3. Use your DVD or download the latest driver (better from the official website of the manufacturer).

4. Reboot your PC.

5. Reinstall the new driver.

If the problem is occurring again, go through the steps in Method Two below.

Method Two

To completely fix Error Code 61 and some other related Windows system issues, you will need to either wait until the printer finishes the current processing that it is doing or cancel the task in the queue. The following are steps you can try to tak to fix Error Code 61:

1. First of all, wait a couple of minutes to see if the printer prints anything normally. If there are many task processing, it might take a few minutes to be done.

2. If the printer does not physically printer anything, check the display on the printer to see whether there is any error messages or light codes flashing.

3. Refer to the printer documentation to see if the error can be resolved through changing printer settings.

4. If the printer’s documented steps fails to resolve the error, right-click on the printer icon in your system tray.

5. If there is any task to clear out, see if there is any error message next to the tasks.

6. Right-click on the first task in the queue, and hit “Remove” or “Delete”.

7. Wait for the task the task to be done, and see if the next print task starts printing.

8. If the printer still does not print, take the steps again on the remaining tasks, but one at a time.

9. Try to print your document again.

10. If the error message persists, power off the printer and power it on to see if the document will print.

If for some reason the above steps didn’t deliver the desired results, you may need to get printer technician or network administrator to check hardware or net work settings to fix Error Code 61.


Other Things You Can Do to Fix Error Code 61


  • Run drive utilities, and remove some useless applications to free up some drive space.
  • Scan your PC with an antivirus software (e.g. Norton Security 2015 and McAfee products to check for virus, Trojan and malware.
  • Check whether your drives are available for updates, and do the update.
  • Remove all the peripherals or needless applications, reboot your computer, and check whether this error still persists.

Better Approach to Fix Error Code 61

In case you don’t want to read the above tutorials and perform the steps carefully, we prepared this effective helper for your choice. To fix Error Code 61, there are only a few steps to take:

1. Install the safe Registry repair tool by clicking the green download button on the page.

(Both the file and the program folder after installation are small-sized.)

2. Run the tool, and click the Start Scan Now button to find all the existing issues on your system.


(This is to quickly detect what problems you’re having and where they are. A list will be displayed, on which you can select those you want to fix.)

3. Hit the Fix All button to fix Error Code 61 and other detected problems.

(Repair all of these with only one click. Isn’t it amazing?)

For general users, the best way to fix Error Code 61 is using a safe repair tool that is user-friendly taking small space on computer drive, like the above-mentioned. This kind of program can at the same time detect all the current issues on your machine, and list the relevant details in case you need to know. And no negative consequences will bother you after the repair.

During the long-term use of your PC, redundant things including cache files, useless installation packages and program leftovers will be accumulated, taking more and more space on drives. And those problems you left behind would also make things worse as time goes by. It’s wise to termly maintain the working environment on your PC for its better performance and your experience using it.

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