Correct Way to Fix Error Code 55 on Windows System


fix error code 55

Error 55 issue is an unexpected system problem that happens on many people’s computers, this issue may make you unable to use a particular application, or create some troubles for the system performance, so today, we will analyze the right way to fix error code 55 for good on Windows system.


Common message with error code 55:

  • “The Steam servers are too busy to handle your request for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Error Code (55)”
  • “The specified network resource or device is no longer available. (Code 55)”

See this kind of annoying notification on your computer? You are unfortunately being troubled by this error 55, and these are typical situations that it displaying on the PC:

  • Try and start a particular program on the computer
  • Start up the computer system and the network connection
  • Installing a new update of Windows system or driver

Want to know more about problem?

In order to fix error code 55, the above information is not enough for finding the specific cause and the corresponding resolutions of the problem. So, here are more details about the error, through which, you can get a basic understanding about what make this error and the common resolution you can take to remove the error.

Proper resolutions to fix error code 55 successfully

Maybe you are neither a computer professional or network administrator, and unable to troubleshoot the problem easily and quickly on the PC, but there are some common solutions that you can take to fix those common problems which easily trigger the error code issue.

Registry problem – clean registry issues


Registry issue is usually a big cause of many problems and errors on the Windows system or install programs, so when you get an issue which don’t know where it comes from, you can firstly go to check your System Registry and clean those problematic registries.

System Registry is regarded as a central database of the Windows system that stores those registry keys and entries closely related to the system performance, computer and installed programs’ operations, especially some unique features and services. However, these registries are very easy to be moderated, moved, disabled or removed by people’s incorrect actions and mis-operation on the PC. Therefore, it is very possible that the Windows error 55 is just caused by the associated registry issues on the system, and you can try to fix error code 55 via conducting a registry error scan and fix on your computer.


Network problem – troubleshot the network connection issue


Error code 55 sometimes indicates a network issue on the computer, which may affect the smooth connection of the network. In this case, you should go to check your network and change the incorrect setting or configuration.

Check your network drive to fix error code 55

Network connection will result in the error 55 if the network drive you attempt to access does not exist, so you should go to have a check for the network drive and make sure it is still on your PC and available. Otherwise, you will always get an invalid connection as well as the error code issue. To fix error code 55 with this situation, you should connect to a valid network drive and server.

Connect to the Network Support

It is also possible that the problem coming from the Network operator, so please connect to Network Support about this problem, they might be able to provide a proper solution for you.

Application problem – uninstall or reinstall the program


Starting or using a specific program is often the situation that people getting the error code 55 on computer, if you also encounter the same problem on your PC, please go to uninstall the program to stop and fix error code 55, there may be something goes wrong with the program itself, if it is the one that you have been used for a long time on the PC, you can choose to install the program again with its newest version; if the program is just installed on your PC, you should go to check the compatibility of the software with your Windows system or other installed application, and it is not suggested to install it again on the computer.

Update problem – uninstall the update you newly installed

Fix error code 256

Although keeping the Windows system, device drivers and other installed programs up-to-date is good for the effective performance of the whole computer, some updates especially those beta versions are easy to trigger some problems of the computer system. Therefore, if you just installed a new update and the error happened afterwards, please consider to uninstall the update and see whether it can help you to fix error code 55 well.

Uninstall updates on Windows system:

  • Click to open the Windows Start menu, select Control Panel
  • Click on open the uninstall feature: Add/Remove programs(XP), Uninstall a program(Win 7), or Programs and Features(Win 8)
  • Browse the update you installed on your computer, then select the one you recently installed
  • Click on Remove or Uninstall button to uninstall it on your computer
  • Restart your PC when the update removal is completed

Additional tips:

Troubleshooting system error code like error 55, error code 54 or error 9009 is always not an easy task for the common computer users, but it is necessary to take notes about those basic solutions and try to figure it out on PC.


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