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You will get the Error Code 41 messages if you install a driver for a device (printer) that is not Plug-and-Player compliant. Hera are the steps you can take to fix Error Code 41 problems.

Did you make any changes to system? This error is brought by a hardware device that’s been removed after the driver was loaded or by an issue with the device driver itself.

Windows uses different code numbers to represent particular issues on the system. There are, like, hundreds of thousands of them, it’s not possible to remember all of them. So when the problem occurs, you will just need to search online for where the problem comes from and how to effectively deal with it. If you have found this page, read on for the following content to fix Error Code 41. Through the reading you might possess some basic skills for maintenance of your PC’s performance. It’s never to late to learn something.


Method One: Manually Fix Error Code 41 on Your Own

The first step to go through is to make sure that the hardware is properly connected, online and attached to a valid power source. Many times it is the most basic trouble that causes an error. You can double check the connectivity of the hardware to ensure that everything is connected as it is supposed to be. You should reboot your PC, just for good measure. Restarting your PC should be one of the first bits to fix Error Code 41.

If the device error is still there, perform the following steps, depending upon your individual set-up:

1. If the device is not connected – remove the driver by accessing the Device Manager, clicking on the device and choosing “Uninstall” on the Properties dialog box.
2. After that return to Device Manager, click “Actions” and then click “Scan for Hardware Changes”.
3. If he hardware is still connected – go to Device Manager, select the device and click on the “Driver” tab.
4. After you perform these steps, click on “Update Driver” and follow all of the installation directions to update the driver. This should resolve problems related to an obsolete driver.
5. For some non-Plug and Play devices, you will have to install an updated driver by using the “Add Hardware Wizard”. To run the wizard click on “Start”, then on “Run” and type in “hdwwiz.cpl”, and follow all of the directions to proceed.

Depending on your set-up, one of these solutions should fix Error Code 41 problem.


Method Two: Manually Fix Error Code 41 on Your Own

Uninstall the drivers for the printer, and again reinstall them manually from the manufacturer’s website.


1. Restart the machine and login as “Administrator”.
2. Go to the “Start” menu and type in “MMC”, you will see the “Microsoft Management Console” shortcut display in the Start menu. Click on it.
3. Go up to the file menu and select “Add/Remove Snap-in”.
4. Then scroll down in the list, choose “Print Management” snap-in, and then hit “Add”.
5. At this screen you are going to want to select “Add the Local Server”, hit “Finish” and then hit “OK”.
6. Then you can scroll down to your computer’s name, select the driver tree, right-click on the driver you wish to remove, and choose “Remove Driver Package”.
7. Be sure that you restart your PC before trying to add new or different print drivers.
8. Again install the “Printer Software” and check whether that works.

For further reference, check the article on Microsoft’s official site.

Easy and Breezy Way to Fix Error Code 41 Problem

This will spare users from going through all the above paths and other tedious regular process. So I guess it’s a better choice for general users. There are just a few steps:

  • Try out the recommended Windows repair tool (click the green button on the page to download).
  • Scan all your drivers to analyze the existing system issues including Error Code 41.


  • After the Scan is finished, click the “Fix All” button to fix all the detected issues.
  • Restart your computer to take effect.

So if you don’t bother to perform the traditional repair actions, this is a better option for your to fix Error Code 41 problem.

Learning this could also help when you’re dealing with other similar problems in the future. System and Registry issues are not like uninstall problems, the solutions are always different towards various ones. Sometimes you need to replace the damaged file with a new one either from online or another computer, sometimes you need to repair the Registry with the help of a third-party tool, and sometimes you might face the previously written problem that most users don’t know how to handle.

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