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You might have not done any thing differently than usual, but you were greeted with Error Code 34 one day, and it appears every 10 seconds regardless whether or not you’re trying to send a message. Then your SMS failed to work as usual, stating “Error. Message not sent. Network not responding. Saved in Undelivered messages. Please try again later”. You tried to reboot to resolve it, but ended up with failures.

Many users got confused when seeing the error “Windows cannot determine the settings for this device. Consult the documentation that came with this device and use the Resource tab to set the configuration. (Code 34)”. This actually means some hardware requires configuration that goes above and beyond what a simple plug and Windows device requires. Before you try to fix Error Code 34, you can learn some related details for better understanding and operations later.

This error indicates that Windows might not be able to resolve the problem for you. That’s just fine, let’s together take a tour on this article to learn how to fix Error Code 34.


How to Fix Error Code 34 – Manual Repair Steps

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There are part of the hardware problems that can’t be fixed by Windows operating system itself. Once you receive the Windows Error code 34, you’d better be aware right away that manual intervention is needed for the device.

1. Before you try to configure the hardware and fix Error Code 34, you’re suggested getting the support documentation that came with the hardware. If you can’t find it, search for it online and get a copy on the manufacturer’s website (which can be surly safe and clean).

2. Acquire all the pertinent information from the help file and follow all instructions exactly. You may need to set some dip switches on the hardware, or go through some specific menus of device on the hardware itself.

Since Windows systems and the manufacturer’s application do almost all the works for you, most new devices now are very easy to configure. Some legacy devices still require you to go through the manual steps to finish the configuration according to the manufacturer’s specifications. In this case, please be sure you are precisely following the steps listed in the vendor’s documentation. You only need to perform the steps required for the model you own.

3. When you have finished the physical configuration, access the Device Manager and configure the resource settings for the device according to the support documentation. I shall remind you again that it is important to strictly follow the instructions, so that no other problems will be caused.

There may be extra applications available on the manufacturer’s site that will assist you to properly configure the hardware and device drivers. Never overlook the importance of holding on to all support documentation that comes with the product you buy.

Other Methods to Fix Error Code 34


1. Run an automatic troubleshooting serviceHard devices are not working or are not detected in Windows from the Microsoft’s official support site.

2. Another troubleshooter for USB devices. If you run into the error on devices that are connected by using a USB port, you can also try to Automatically Diagnose and fix Windows USB problems.

Note: this method is currently not available for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

3. Update the device Driver to fix Error Code 34. You’re suggested updating the driver via the manufacturer’s website, and here are directions:

  • If the device was preinstalled, visit the computer manufacturer’s site.
  • If it was installed after the purchase of the computer, go to the device manufacturer’s site.
  • If it was preinstalled and the computer manufacturer doesn’t have an updated driver for such device, go to the device manufacturer’s site.


A Few Steps to Fix Error Code 34

Instead of figuring out where things are going wrong and taking risks to fix Error Code 34, you can try a professional third-party tool. This could be the perfect choice for users of all ages. Only three steps to take out the errors:

1. Install the safe “Registry repair tool” by clicking the green download button on the page. (Both the file and the program folder after installation are small-sized.)

2. Run the tool, and click the “Start Scan Now button to find all the existing issues on your system. (This is to quickly detect what problems you’re having and where they are. A list will be displayed, on which you can select those you want to fix.)


3. Hit the “Fix All” button to fix Error Code 34 and other detected problems. (Repair all the found issues with only one click. )

That’s it, all errors found, which you might haven’t realized for a very long time, can be solved that easily. After the repair you will find the performance of the computer is optimized and those annoying pop-ups of unknown errors are gone.

To further learn Windows error codes of device, please read on.

How to Find Other Error Codes in Device Manager

If problems still persist on your device for some reason, try to locate your error code to make sure what issue is messing with your device and what the code means (e.g. How to Fix Error Code 106?), so that you will know where to start the repair. How to find them:

1. Open Device Manager, and double-click the device type suffering from the problem.

2. Right-click on the said device, and select Properties. This is to open the device’s Properties dialog box, where you will see the error code in the Device status area.

Note: This table doesn’t contain every Windows error code generated by Device Manage. So if you are seeking solutions for those that are not listed, you can directly contact the hardware device manufacturer’s technical support or Microsoft Support for assistance.

Hope you have found your preferred path to fix Error Code 34 : )


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