How You Can Fix Error Code 16 on Windows OS


To perfectly fix Error Code 16, you may need to understand the cause first – the error can appear when you are using a peripheral device, such as a printer or an external drive that has not yet been completely or properly configured. Though the device may have already been recognized before, yet Windows fails to verify its configuration. Simply put, Error Code 16 occurs when devices are partially configured – “Windows cannot identity all the resources this device uses.(Code 16)”

In addition, another cause of this issue is outdated or corrupted device drivers. Devices often fail to run successfully due to driver problems. Device drivers are programs that offer directions to control different devices attached to the operating system, such as audio devices and printer to name a few.

Though error code 16 is not fatal like other PC error codes, such as BSoD, however, it may hamper your ability to use certain devices installed on your PC and lower your work productivity.

To avoid more inconveniences, you are advised to fix Error Code 16 immediately.


Method One – How You Can Manually Fix Error Code 16

In order to fix Error Code 16 on Windows, you will need to walk through the configuration of the device again, or assign extra resources to the device. Typically, walking through the device set up is easier than assigning resources and is the logical step to begin with as you wish to resolve the problem.

And to walk through the set up of the device, you will have to set up disk that came with the hardware device or a copy of the set up software program copied to your hard drive or a flash drive. Every device will have different steps to go through, so you will need to refer to the vendor’s instructions. If you are unable to get the instructions, you can uninstall the device, and then go to “Control Panel” and select “Add New Hardware”. From that point you will need to pick the appropriate hardware type, and go through the steps that the Wizard recommends.

The second, more involved way to fix Error Code 16 involves allocating more computer resources to the device, and here are the basic steps to do this:

1. Right-click on the device in “Device Manager”, and click on the tab labeled “Resources”.

2. Find a resource with a question mark next to it.
3. Choose the resource, and assign it to your device.

If you wish to assign a resource and are unable to do it, click on “Change Settings”. If Change Settings is not a valid option, click the box next to “Use Automatic Settings” and the option should become available.

It should be noted that these are valid only for Plug and Play Devices. If the hard ware you are working with is a legacy device, or not Plug and Play enabled, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or website.

The following is a much easier way to resolve Error Code 16. During the scan process it will detect other existing issues on your system, and fix them all at last. Feel free to have a try!


Method Two – How You Can Easily Fix Error Code 16

Instead of figuring out where things are going wrong and taking risks to fix Error Code 16, you can try a professional third-party tool. This could be the perfect choice for users of all ages. Only three steps to take out the errors:

1. Install the safe Registry repair tool by clicking the green download button on the page. (Both the file and the program folder after installation are small-sized.)

2. Run the tool, and click the Start Scan Now button to find all the existing issues on your system. (This is to quickly detect what problems you’re having and where they are. A list will be displayed, on which you can select those you want to fix.)


3. Hit the Fix All button to fix Error Code 16 and other detected problems. (Repair all the found issues with only one click. )

That’s it, all errors found, which you might haven’t realized for a very long time, can be solved that easily. After the repair you will find the performance of the computer is optimized and those annoying pop-ups of unknown errors are gone.

Thousands of different code numbers are being used to represent Windows errors, and there are barely anyone who can remember what them mean. Fortunately there would always be a message telling where the problem exactly is, so that you have a direction to do the search online. I hope all the above information have helped you with the repair of Code 16 and given you ideas for other problems.

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