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“This is aggravating me beyond words. The suggestions I find are to reinstall the installer in Windows (a Windows 7 solution) or to de-register and re-0register the installer, which doesn’t work either. If anybody has any suggestions or better yet, SOLUTIONS! I would be most appreciative.”

Well, solutions are hereby provided.

A how-to guide teaching you the best way to fully fix Error Code 1326 on Windows. Referring to this may help you better troubleshoot the complicated system problems, and prevent them from happening over again.

This Code 1326 results from use of an unknown user name or a bad password. The obvious cause is typing in an incorrect user name or password, yet you may also get this error code even if you have entered the correct information. In the latter situation, it is often brought by incorrect administrative security settings.

OK, I’m done introducing already. Let’s cut to the chase and see how to correctly fix Error Code 1326.


Method One: Fix Error Code 1326 for My PC

You can attempt to manually fix Error Code 1326 completely on your own. If this is not what you ask for, directly scroll down to Method Three for a shortcut.

1. When you get this error code, make sure first that you have entered the right user name and password, and try to login again.
2. If you still fail to connect, even if you are sure that you have provided the correct information, then check under the Windows Administrative Tools / Local security settings / Local policies / Security options.
3. Check the value and change accordingly to fix Error Code 1326.

This error may also take place when you are using a proxy array, and the error may apply to use of Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 Standard Edition. If this is the case, and the trouble has occurred, the reason could be that the default web site has clear text, and not NTLM (NT LAN Manager), enabled. Try the following:

1. Go to the Web Proxy properties Routing tab, and click “Advanced.”
2. Input a valid administrator account next to each proxy array.
3. Select “Allow basic/clear text authentication.”
4. Apply the changes and then click out of the dialog box. The changes will be applied to all proxy array members.


Method Two: Fix Error Code 1326 for My PC

1. Using Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer), locate the following folders.
– C:\ProgramData\Intuit
– C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Common

2. Right-click the folder itself and choose Properties.

3. Click the Security tab, and then click the Edit button.
– Click OK if a UAC window appears.

4. In the Permissions window, in the Group or user names section, choose your Windows user name. If your user name is not listed:
– Click the Add button.
– Type your user name in Enter the object name to select, click Check Names, and then click OK.

5. In the Permissions for Users section, select the Full Control checkbox in the Allow column.

6. Click Apply, and then click OK twice to close the Permission window.

Now last but not least, I want to introduce a shortcut for you to quickly hit the mark, which is to Fix Error Code 1326 by using a safe repair tool.


Method Three: Easily Fix Error Code 1326 and Other Issues

To fix Error Code 1326, you might as well try an effective repair tool, which is particularly designed for Windows OS. That means if you run into another error someday, you know where to get help from.

See what it can do for you:

1. Advanced Fix.
Install the safe Registry repair tool by clicking the green download button on the page. Both the file and the program folder after installation are small-sized.

2.Full Scan.
Run the tool, and click the Scan Now button to find all the existing issues on your system. This is to quickly detect what problems you’re having and where they are. A list will be displayed, on which you can select those you want to fix.


3.Fix them all.
Hit the Fix All button to fix Error Code 1326 and other issues found. Repair all of these with only one click.

Once you find problems on your PC, try this way. Taking the same three steps above would help you easily maintain the operating system, keeping its performance in good condition. You didn’t pay for the machine to waste time, so just find yourself the best way to take care of it, and do everything you need to do on it with high efficiency.

What if there is another error code issue on your computer? Search for it on our site, see if there is any corresponding solution you can get help from.

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