Take the Chance to Fix Error Code 1004 – Repair Instruction


When this error occurs, you see the dialog box stating “Run-Time error: Method on Key Up Object_APPLICATION Failed.” So how to fix Error Code 1004 exactly?

This is actually a minor system problem. It appears when you attempt to open a Microsoft Excel file by clicking on the Excel icon located on the desktop or toolbar at the bottom of the screen. The application can’t open because the configuration settings have been either inadvertently changed or altered because of system corruption. The error messages may also occur due to out-dated drivers or invalid registry entries.

Many users got confused when first seeing this error, they tried a few ways getting rid of it but end up with failures. So error messages keep appearing anytime interrupting whatever they’re up to. Leaving it there could cause other unwanted consequences like program malfunction, registry corruption, and system crash. So you’re suggested to Fix Error Code 1004 as soon as possible. And don’t wait any longer, here comes your chance.

How to Fix Error Code 0x80070490?


Reasons You Are Facing Error Code 1004


Before you fix Error Code 1004, you might also want to know the specific reasons causing this.

Windows Error Code 1004 can be extremely broad, and each number represents a different problem. To be able to use these codes fixing what is wrong, a good deal of investigation must be made.

If you encountered the problems that are mentioned earlier, you could easily catch this error. Microsoft Office program will let you know when this error occurs by showing you pop-up messages, while you are working in the middle of any assignment in Excel. When you copy documents in Excel for multiple times without closing or saving them, Error Code 1004 can appear on the screen.

How to Fix Error Code 1004 – Manual Steps


Method One – Fix Error Code 1004

To Fix Error Code 1004, first of all you need to close all programs that are running. Then please follow the steps below to proceed:

1. Open the C: drive and double-click on the “Microsoft Office” folder to access it.

2. Search for a file named “gwxl97.xla”. When it’s found, right-click on it.

3. The drop-down menu will show a “Delete” option and this should be clicked to delete the file.

4. Select the folder and C: drive. Although it’s not essential, it’s better to restart the system.

5. Upon restart, the icon should be functional. If it doesn’t appear, click on Start > All program > Microsoft Office.

6. Right-click on Excel. When the drop-down menu shows up, click on Send to > Desktop. Then a new shortcut icon shall be created.


Method Two – Fix Error Code 1004

This is to make the use of template bypass. You may think it must be very tough after hearing this name, but in fact to fix Error Code 1004, all you need to do is the steps below:

1. The first is to open Microsoft Excel, and create a template bypass.

2. As your new document is open, you can delete all other worksheets that are automatically opened, and leave only one.

3. Then you can right-click on worksheets, and select the “Delete” option to remove those extra worksheets.

4. The Worksheets will be automatically deleted.

5. Follow the above steps to deal with the remaining sheets, but do remember you need to leave one for making template.

Run-time Error 1004 is mostly seen in Excel. You may run into this error while using the program. One thing I consider the most amazing feature of Microsoft Excel is that you can easily make your table and organize your sheets or other documents. Any user can easily manage their work by using this Microsoft program. But when this error occurs, Excel fails to work properly. There are many shortcuts available in the program, because of which you might not be surprised when Excel doesn’t work exactly the way you want.

OK then, if you desire a simpler solution to fix Error Code 1004, let’s now move on to the next part.

How to Avoid Error Code 1004?

There are possibilities that you may face this error in the future, so you’re suggested to know how to avoid it right here. The method is to to save your documents before copying pages in it. You can save them periodically if you can do some changes in macro coding. This prevention shall prevent you from running into the run-time Error Code 1004. But enough knowledge is required to correctly change the macro coding.

If you think the above repair methods or the prevention are tedious to understand, please refer to the following part to fix Error Code 1004.

How to Fix Error Code 1004 – Recommended Repair Tool

This is a time-saving path to go through. Using it you don’t need to work out a solution to troubleshoot problems, in the meantime the existing registry issues will be terminated. All system files and errors (e.g. Bad sectors, cross-linked files, lost clusters, directory issues, etc.) can be easily checked within clicks. This is actually how you can optimize the performance of your PC.

1. Install the safe Registry repair tool by clicking the green download button on the page.

(Both the file and the program folder after installation are small-sized.)

2. Run the tool, and click the Start Scan Now button to find all the existing issues on your system.


(This is to quickly detect what problems you’re having and where they are. A list will be displayed, on which you can select those you want to fix.)

3. Hit the Fix All button to fix Error Code 1004 and other detected problems.

(Repair all of these with only one click. Isn’t it amazing?)

This error could occurs on Windows 7/8, Vista and XP where Microsoft Office Excel and iTunes programs get corrupted. The former may show you Windows Error Code 1004 while it’s automatically copying worksheets. This error may also occur because of issues in the registry entries of Microsoft Excel. On the other hand, iTunes may also present this error if its registry configurations are damaged or corrupted.

To correctly fix Error Code 1004, it matters whether to figure out where things go wrong. If that is too complicated for you to do, the system repair tool shall be the best choice.


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