How to Fix Error Code 0x8007007e – Windows Update Error

People who are trying to update or start the Windows system sometimes would get an error code 0x8007007e, so what is this and how can get rid of it on the computer? This post is just available for you to fix error code 0x8007007e and troubleshoot its associated problems.


Error information

“Windows update failure”, “Initialization error 0x8007007E”. When you are updating your Windows operating system or restarting after the update, you may get one of these error codes on the computer, and the operation cannot continue. If you do not find out the specific cause of the problem and fix error code 0x8007007e instantly, these further issues will be triggered and occur on your computer presently:

  • Windows update cannot be installed on the computer
  • Computer start-up or shut-down problem
  • Invalid system functions and services
  • Additional runtime errors and registry errors occur

Common reasons for the error issue

Knowing why the error displays on the computer will be very useful for you to take the proper way to fix error code 0x8007007e well, so next, you can try to find the specific cause on your PC from the general reasons of the error:

  • System registry issues affect the Windows update
  • Computer system is attacked by virus or malware
  • Corrupted system files cannot support the Windows update
  • Associated DLL files like dpcdll.dll and urlmon.dll are missing or corrupted on your system
  • Program conflict issue

Take actions to fix error code 0x8007007e on your computer

Repair registry issues on the system

System Registry is a greatly important database that contains numerous data and configurations which are very necessary for the system performance, when some of them are damaged or modified because of your improper action or removal, there is a series of system features and operations like the Windows update will be affected and cannot conduct smoothly.

To fix error code 0x8007007e, you should firstly think about checking your registry database, and restore those problematic registries on your system. However, manually editing those registries on your computer system is not a wise choice, because you will easily make a manual error and cause more serious problems for your Windows system, instead, taking a professional registry error fix tool will be much better, because it can find out those registry problems and fix them sophisticatedly, and an advanced registry error fix tool also can help you to do a registry backup before doing any modification on the database to facilitate to recover the data. So why not choose such an application to help you fix error code 0x8007007e?


Check and remove infected viruses


Malicious virus or malware would sneak to the computer system, then disarrange the system settings, modify the system’s core files, and even move your files to other places. Error 0x8007007e can be caused by the infected viruses changing the content on your Windows system, in order to troubleshoot it, you should apply a reputable antivirus program to check your system’s security situation, then remove all of detected viruses and rogueware on your computer.

If you had have an antivirus program installed on the PC but do not update it in the daily life, dangerous viruses and threats are also very easy to compromise the computer without any obstruction. If you don’t want your computer to be attacked by the virus easily and have to spend much time and effort to fix error code 0x8007007e and other problems caused by the infection, please remember to update your antivirus program regularly.

Scan and restore corrupted system files

Windows update will not be installed smoothly if some related files on your Windows are encountering some problems and cannot perform well. In order to fix error code 0x8007007e with this potential situation, you should scan the system for missing or corrupted files with System File Checker, then restore them on your PC.

System File Checker is a system file fix utility attached on the Windows operating system, please following these steps to activate and use it:

  • Click to open the Start menu, then select Search
  • Type “cmd” to open the command prompt

type _cmd

  • Type “sfc/scannow” command in the window with black color, then press Enter key


  • Then System File Checker will be launch, and scan and restore those corrupted system files

Troubleshoot your corrupted DLL files to fix error code 0x8007007e

Some DLL files like dpcdll.dll and urlmon.dll are indispensable for the Windows update, when they cannot be recognized or detected by the Windows system, you should go to register or replace the original file with a new one.

Steps to register a DLL file on the computer system:

  • Click on Start, then select Run
  • Type “cmd” in the running text box, and hit Enter
  • When the command prompt window opens, type “regsvr32_filename.dll”, and hit Enter key again


Replace the DLL file with a new one:

  • Get a new DLL file from the Microsoft support center or another computer with the same Windows operating system
  • Rename the current DLL file on your computer as filename_old.dll
  • Then move the new file to the original location
  • Register the file on your Windows system

Uninstall the program which cause the error

If the problem just occurs after you installing a new application on the computer, it is very possible that the program is not compatible with your computer system. To fix error code 0x8007007e, you should uninstall the program and then install the Windows update again.


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