Fix Error Code 0x10010000 – Windows Unexpected Server Error

fix error code 0x10010000 Unexpected server error with a specific error code 0x10010000 often displays on some computers and make the people have no idea to get rid of it, fortunately, you can fix error code 0x10010000 easily when you take following troubleshooting steps one by one.


What’s the Windows server error?

For many common users who have few knowledge about the computer and error fix, it is hard to know what happen on their computers according to the error code 0x10010000, so it is necessary to firstly get to know that it is an access error that usually associated with a permissions issue on your computer, and these are several different problems often cause the error on Windows system:

  • Try to upgrade SEP SBE (related to Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager server) on computer
  • Fix system registry issues
  • Infected viruses are trying to update without the system’s permission
  • Corrupted system file issues
  • Install a program incorrectly on your PC

General results of having this issue on PC

If you keep this Windows error on your computer, you will find that related error messages will always display on the screen which make you annoyed, and more seriously, the system performance will be affected in many aspects, such as:

  • Slow running speed
  • Associated programs or system freezes
  • Computer start-up or shutdown problem
  • Antivirus program cannot protect the Windows system as effectively as before

In order to avoid these further issues occurring on your computer, error 0x10010000 should be fixed instantly.

Steps enable you fix error code 0x10010000 easily

Log in your computer system as administrator

Since the error frequently related to a permission issue on your computer, if you get this error message when you are attempting to access a specific folder or install something, please make sure that you have the right permission to perform the action. If the error message still display, try the following steps to fix error code 0x10010000.

Check Symantec services on your computer


When I visited some forums, I found some people get this error when they are installing or updating the associated Symantec product’s feature. If you also have a Symantec program installed on our PC, please check and make sure all of its services and ODBC connection perform well and effectively, and all database ports are available; after that, you also need to make sure it can communicate to the Remote SQL Database smoothly.

If everything is fine, please try to reboot your computer system, and see if the error occurs again.

Clean registry issues to fix error code 0x10010000

When you run a process or perform a system service, several system registries will run at the background to support the associated performance, if these registries encounter some error issues, you will fail to conduct the associated performance and receive the error notification.

Windows system registry is usually a share and support file for many installed programs and the system itself, when the program is not installed or uninstalled properly, or virus infections destruct your Windows system, some registry entries will be deleted mistakenly or damaged maliciously. This is one of the most common cause for many system error problems. Therefore, to fix error code 0x10010000, you should conduct a check for your computer with a professional registry error fix tool, and troubleshoot all problems associated with registry issues on your computer.

Note: manual registry fix is not recommended, because your incorrect modification for the system registry will create many serious problems and troubles for your computer system.


Uninstall related application

If you just installed a new program in recently and the error message appears afterward, it may be caused by a program conflict issue which affect some features and registries of Windows system. In this case, please try to uninstall the program completely on your computer, and restart your PC to check whether it is able to help you fix error code 0x10010000 well.

System File Checker


Windows built-in System File Checker utility can help you to find out and replace corrupted system files on the PC automatically, it is free and easy to use.

Please make sure your log in your computer system as administrator,

  • Click on the Start button (right-click on it if you are using Windows 8 operating system)
  • Select Search, and type “command” in the box, then hold CTRL+Shift keys and press Enter
  • Click Yes on the new dialog box
  • Type “sfc /scannow” in the black window, and press Enter
  • After that, System File Checker will be launched and scan for corrupted system files, and also try to replace them automatically

Remove virus infection


Infected virus trying to update which the system does not allow will also cause the error on your PC. Therefore, to fix error code 0x10010000 and also protect your computer system well, it should be very important to update your antivirus program or install a brand new and powerful security program, and perform a thorough virus check for your computer system. All of detected viruses and malicious components should be isolated and remove as quickly as possible on your PC.

In some cases, when the computer has been infected viruses, it also means that the antivirus program also had been compromised, to clean infected viruses effectively, it is better to apply another new program to clean virus infection.

Contact the manufacturer for help

If the above steps are not working for helping you fix error code 0x10010000, I am afraid that you will need some helps from the manufacturer of the program responsible for the Windows unexpected server error. Please contact the support center of Microsoft support center, if it is associated to the Symantec product on your computer, please connect to its support team or post your question with related error message screenshot on its tech forum.


Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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