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Dw20.exe error is an annoying error issue on the computer when the Dw20.exe file gets some problems which lead this file cannot be used as required. Many people think that it is difficult to fix Dw20.exe error on the PC and they are always getting the EXE error messages. So let’s take a look that how to solve this problem effectively.

About Dw20.exe file

Dw20.exe, with the description of Microsoft Application Error Reporting, is an executable process file of Microsoft operating system, and specially designed to collect information when there is a Microsoft application results in freeze, crash, or running in a wrong way, and send the information to the Microsoft for analysis and further improving the Microsoft system.

Possible causes and consequences of Dw20.exe error on computer

Why does the computer would encounter the error issue? Several of the situations and problems can be the possible causes of Dw20.exe error, so you should check your computer for these possible cases:

  • Dw20.exe process corruption
  • Outdated Windows operating system
  • Application conflict
  • Virus invasion
  • Associated system registries encounter some error issues

Getting EXE error message will bring a lot of troubles and negative influences on the PC, which including sharply slow down the computer running speed, degrade the whole system performance, and also cause many other system issues to make you mad.

Feasible ways can help you fix Dw20.exe error for good

Disable the Dw20.exe process file

It is not an indispensable component for the Microsoft applications, so you can choose to disable the process from running on your computer, so that you will not receive its annoying error message again.

If you don’t want to erase this process file on the computer, try the following solutions:

Recommend: fix Dw20.exe error with a system registry optimizer

System registry is regarded as the biggest cause of the Dw20.exe error and other error issues on the computer, for that this is a place that stores many of executable process, important DLL components and other registry entries. Any corruption or invalid issue of these associated components will easily trigger the error on the PC. Therefore, to fix Dw20.exe error effectively, the most recommendation is to scan and fix related system reigstry issues with an advanced registry repair application, besides clean up the error issues, system performance will also be improved significantly.

Steps to fix system registry on PC:

Update your Windows system

Microsoft Windows system is not a 100% perfect product although it is designed by the outstanding computer professionals, therefore, they will regularly release some updates, or fixing processes which help you to improve the system performance and fix some bugs inside. It is possible that the Dw20.exe file is affected by the outdated issue of your Windows system, so that you always get the error message on your computer. With this situation, you should check your Windows system and update it to the newest version:

  1. Click Start menu > All Programs > Windows Update
  2. Install all of available updates on your Windows system with the instructions
  3. Restart the computer

Clean virus infection to fix Dw20.exe error

Considering the Windows system or associated processes might be infected and compromised by malicious viruses, a complete virus scan and removal is also an important step to fix Dw20.exe error. Viruses as malware, spyware, Trojans, and other fake component all contain damaging feature for the system and various files. Cleaning all of these attackers is an important job for the computer protection and resolving those problems caused by the virus attacks. While you encounter the Dw20.exe error issue and also find some abnormal performance on your computer, you should update your antivirus program with the newest virus database, and then scan and protect the Windows system.

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