Borlndmm.dll Error Fix Guide – How to Fix Borlndmm.dll Error Properly

Borlndmm.dll file comes from a tool named Borland Memory Manager which stored in the C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder, Borlndmm.dll is a non-system file but it controls crucial settings for program created by Delphi or Borland.

I encountered Borlndmm.dll error, how does it happen

Since Borlndmm.dll is not a system file, it is not protected by the Windows system file protection system, so it can be deleted by means like mistaken operation, improper software removal or malware attacks, it is known that Borlndmm.dll error can also show up if your computer is having errors with the Windows registry.

How can I fix Borlndmm.dll error

Borlndmm.dll error not only stops you from running certain related program but also cause system slow down problems. If the error happened in your computer, take it easy, simply try out the below provided solution and you will most likely get the error fixed.

Solution 1: Retrieve the missing Borlndmm.dll error

The Borlndmm.dll error can show up in different forms, most of them are telling you that Borlndmm.dll is not found or missing, we can try to retrieve the missing Borlndmm.dll to solve the problem, this can be done in two way
Manual solution

  • Search the term of “Borlndmm.dll download” in search engines like or
  • Pick a trusted website to download the file onto your computer.
  • Open My computer and navigate to the system drive.
  • Place the downloaded file to the folder of C:\WINDOWS\system32
  • Click Start > Run > Type in cmd and hit OK
  • Type in “regsvr32 borlndmm.dll” in the appeared black window and the press Enter
  • Now the file has been installed/registered into your system, you can restart the computer to see if the error still exist.

Automatic solution
The manual solution might be a bit complicated for the average users, you need to choose a legitimate & valid website to download the file and use cmd commend to register it to the system, of you want an easier and safer solution, you can try DLLSmith, which is a professionally designed tool that specialize in fixing dll missing error, it can help you download, install and fix the dll problems within three simple steps:

  • Download DLLSmith here and install it in your PC.
  • Launch the fix tool and the program will automatically search Vb6stkit.dll from authorised recourse.
  • Click Download and Fix Now button to download the dll file on to your PC, the program will automatically install the dll file onto your system and the Borlndmm.dll error will be fix by then.

Solution 2: reinstall Borland Memory Manager related program

  • Go to Start > Control Panel > Click on Add/Remove program
  • Locate Borland Memory Managers related program, select it and click Remove button.
  • Follow the given instruction to finish the removal.
  • Reboot your computer after the removal.
  • Reinstall the related program on your computer.
  • Retest the borlndmm.dll error.

Solution 3: Fix Registry problem

If the error was brought by registry problem, you should apply professional registry cleaner to fix the registry problem as well as the Borlndmm.dll error, please follow the below three steps to proceed:

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