How to Fix Appwiz.cpl Error with Effect

fix Appwiz.cpl error

When you are trying to install/uninstall a program, the “Uninstall or change a program” is not able to correctly list the installed programs, only single text string is showed in “Currently installed programs”, a blank appears before the program items, or no program is presented, etc.

In addition, it might give the two error messages below:
“An unexpected error occurred. The type is not registered.

“The object does not support this property or method.
Line: 75″

Isn’t it boresome after you repeatedly see the similar pop-up window? If you still have difficulties in fixing Appwiz.cpl error, you are invited to take some time to read this page, for the information you don’t want to miss.

What is Appwiz.cpl

The .cpl extension stands for Control Panel. Like all other files with this extension, the file is being stored in the “Windows System32″ folder, and is executed by the Windows Explorer executable.

Appwiz.cpl, which belongs to the Programs and Features component in the Windows operating system, is one item of Control Panel directly related to computer users, being used to safely install and uninstall programs on your PC. You can double-click the the file under the directory “C:\Windows\System32″, or enter “appwiz.cpl” in the Command Prompt box to run it.

You are neither able to update your programs, nor able to install/uninstaller any when this error comes up. It may also bring unexpected issues or slow down your PC.

Reasons of Appwiz.cpl Error

Causes of this error could be diverse, like there is a virus having invaded your Pc’s hard drive, or the Registry is corrupt after its entries being mistakenly deleted by some programs. Every time you try to open the Programs and Features component, this error shows up on the screen. To fix Appwiz.cpl, the following six steps shall be taken:

Manually Fix Appwiz.cpl Error

1. Reboot your computer.
As it is restarting, press and continuously hold “F8” key. The regular launching process will be stopped that way, and the Advanced Boot Option menu will be loaded.

2. Select “Safe Mode” and press the “Enter” key.
Press the “Windows” and “R” keys at the same time to open “Run” after the system is loaded. Enter “system32″ to open the System32 folder in another window.

3. Locate the “Appwiz.cpl” file.
Right-click it, and select “Rename” to change the name to “Appwiz.bk“. If an error comes up during the renaming, enter “Regsvr32 /u c:\windows\system32\appwiz.cpl“.

4. Minimize the System32 folder.
Windows 7 user: click “Start” in the lower left corner, right-click on “Command Prompt” under the Accessories of All Program, and select “Run as Administrator”.


Windows 8 user: click “Start” in the lower left corner, enter “CMD” in the “Search” bar, right-click the search result, and select “Run as Administrator”.


5. Enter “SFC.exe /scanfile=C:\Windows\System32\Appwiz.cpl” in the window.
This is to check whether it still exists; if not, a clean copy will be created. After seeing the message “…found corrupt files and successfully repaired them“, you can close the window.

6. Maximize the System32 folder.
There shall be a new “Appwiz.cpl” file in the folder. If you see it, you may reboot your computer, and everything will act normally.

If the above method does not work, visit Microsoft’s official website to get more information on how to fix Appwiz.cpl error. It may partly contain the Registry editing procedures, which will result in serious problems if being conducted inappropriately. Therefore, you are suggested to back up the Registry before modification.

Safe and Simple Solution to Fix Appwiz.cpl Error

If the manual way is a little bit elusive for you, never mind, you can just leave it out. Try this Third-party Tool to fix Appwiz.cpl error, along with other system file issues and registry entries missing problems. The thing is that your machine will run faster after the registry has been cleaned within your few clicks. Why are you still waiting?

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