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fix advrcntr2.dll error

File AdvrCntr.dll is a required DLL module in the CD/DVD burning software package created by Ahead software (also known Nero), which is a famous CD/DVD burning software publisher. However, the computer system often reports this DLL error issue that cannot be loaded or processed successfully, if you unfortunately get the same problem, please follow the guides below to fix AdvrCntr.dll error.

File description:

  • Name: AdvrCntr.dll
  • Program: Nero Burning
  • Manufacturers: Nero AG

In the CD burning process, AdvrCntr.dll plays an important role that cannot be neglected, if you often need to burning CD / DVD, it is necessary to protect this file from being damaged or deleted, in addition, you should pay attention other problems which may cause the error in your computer system, for instance:

  • Nero program does not install on the computer correctly
  • Nero program is corrupted or incompatible with the program you newly install
  • Dangerous viruses attack the computer
  • Related DLL files are corrupted or shows conflict with the updated version
  • Windows system registry issue

And error messages often appears on the computer:
AdvrCntr.dll cannot be found
This program requires the file advrcntr.dll, which was not found on this system.

Follow the tutorials to fix AdvrCntr.dll error effectively

One – replace the AdvrCntr.dll file with a new one

Installing a brand new AdvrCntr.dll file to replace the old one is the way that can easily solve those computer problems related to the corrupted AdvrCntr.dll file issue.

  1. Download a new AdvrCntr.dll file on a safe online resource
  2. Browse to the system folder “c:\Windows\System32”
  3. Find and locate the current AdvrCntr.dll file, change its name as “AdvrCntr_old.dll ”
  4. Copy and paste the new file to the same place, and go back to the desktop
  5. Click on Start > Run > enter “cmd”
  6. Enter “regsvr_AdvrCntr.dll” to register the new file on the Windows system

If the problem still exists, please to the following step

Two – reinstall Nero

Improper installation or corruption of the Nero application on your computer will also cause the related file cannot be detected and processed as required. Therefore, you can try to fix AdvrCntr.dll error via reinstalling Nero program on the PC.

Firstly, you should uninstall Nero thoroughly on the computer. As the complete removal of Nero is important for the successful installation of the new Nero. In order to make sure you are able to fully remove the program and there is no other problems occur when you reinstall the program, it is suggested to install the program with a professional uninstall tool.

Secondly, install a new Nero program. Please download a new install package of Nero on the Internet or get a new one from a CD, and follow the instructions to install it carefully on the computer. If it does not help you to repair the error well, continue to the last step.

Scan and clean infected virus and registry issues

Remove viruses
Performing a virus scan and removal can help you to make clear whether the problem is caused by the malicious virus infection. As many people know that the dangerous virus could damage many kinds of files and settings on the computer, scanning and removing the infections instantly is the most effective way to protect your important files and programs from being damaged.

Scan and fix registry issues
System registry is a place that stores many essential files and options, many DLL modules and components related to the AdvrCntr.dll and Nero application also locate here. So you should apply a registry cleaner to do a complete check for your system registry, and repair all of problems related to the database, this is often the effective resolution to fix different kinds of error issues on the PC like fix AdvrCntr.dll error.

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