Feasible Ways to Fix Error Code 14 on Computer

fix error code 14

Receive an error message with code 14

When there is an error message with a specific code number 14 appearing suddenly on the computer, many people have no idea about it but feel very confused. If you also unfortunately get this message and still finding a proper resolutions. This post will offer you a hand to resolve it well.

Common error notification: “This device cannot work properly until you restart your computer. (Code 14)


What may cause this error on PC

Windows error 14 is a very common issue for many computers with Windows operating system, and it can occur for many possible reasons, such as:

  • Conflict issue with your installed programs or drivers
  • Windows system or drivers get out-of-date
  • Associated program is corrupt or damage
  • Related system registries are missing or invalid

When get one or more of these problems on the computer, the system will be affected and may not be able to read the required files and settings correctly and successfully, thus, the error message will display annoyingly until you get it fixed well.

How does it affect the computer system

If you keep this error on your PC and does not take an instant measure to figure it out, it will create some inconveniences and troubles and make you unable to use the computer as usual.

  • It will slow down the computer running speed
  • It will cause frequent computer freeze-up
  • It will disable associated features and service
  • It will make you unable to use some applications
  • It will trigger additional registry issues

Effective instructions to fix error code 14 for good

1. Restart the computer


Yes, I am not kidding, computer restart is the first resolution you should try to troubleshoot and fix error code 14 on the computer, this is because the advanced Windows system sometimes would encounter some temporary issues for the improper computer start-up or your incorrect actions on the machine. Besides, if you pay attention to the error message, you will find that it is suggested to restart your computer for a try to get rid of this error code. So, please follow the correct steps to restart your computer firstly.

  • Click on the Windows button, move the cursor to the Shut Down selection, and click on it
  • When the computer is completely shut down, press the power button to start your computer again
  • Check the error when the restart is completed


2.Outdated Windows system and drivers

It is a good habit to check and update the Windows system and drivers regularly, if you does not have this maintainance habit, the outdated Windows system and drivers will also be a possible reasons for this error issue. To fix error code 14 in this situation, you should perform an update for your Windows system and installed drivers.

Windows update


  • Click on Start button, click on All programs
  • Select Windows Update on the list
  • Click on Check for updates on the left pane
  • When available updates are provides, select to install them on your PC with instructions

Driver update


  • Click on Start button, and All programs
  • Select on Device Manager, locate a specific device
  • Right-click on its driver name, and choose to update it on the menu

3.Uninstall any program which causes the error

Sometimes you should pay attention to the time the error message appearing on the PC, if it generally appears when you are opening a certain program, it is very possible that the program is corrupted and not able to perform smoothly on the computer system. In this case, in order to fix error code 14 , you should uninstall the program, then you can choose to install it again if it is necessary for you.

  • Click on Start > Control Panel > select “Uninstall a program”
  • Highlight the program you need to remove on the computer
  • Click on Uninstall button, finish the program removing process with step by step
  • Restart your computer after the removal
  • Then you can install the program again with a new install package


If you just installed a new application then the error occurs, you also need to uninstall it firstly, and make sure the item you install is compatible with your computer system as well as other installed programs.

4.Fix error code 14 via cleaning associated registry problems

If all of these above resolutions cannot help you fix error code 14 effectively, the next step you should do is checking your system registry, there may be some problems inside and cause the Windows system and associated programs cannot work smoothly.

Considering the System Registry is a greatly important database that stores many indispensable registry files, any manual registry modification or removal will be very risky (any manual error may cause serious system error easily). Therefore, it will be much better to invite a professional registry error fix tool, which enable the computer user to check and fix registry issues effectively and quickly, and more significantly, it will help you clear out all of junk files inside, which is good for enhancing the system performance as well as repairing error code 14.

Additional knowledge:

Besides fix error code 14, other system problems and error codes like error code 7 and error code 0x80070490 also can be fixed by repairing the associated registry issues on Windows system. Many computer users should increase the awareness to protect and optimize the System Registry in daily use of computers.


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A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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