Error Code 4002 (0xFA2) Repair – How to Safely Fix Error Code 4002 (0xFA2) Messages?

Cannot get rid of unexpected Blue Screen of Death errors brought by Error Code 4002 (0xFA2)? Unable to save the system from the sudden system shutdown caused by Error Code 4002 (0xFA2)? Fail to make changes over the system manually to get rid of Error Code 4002 (0xFA2)? If so, it is suggested to take some time to read the article below.


More Information About Error Code 4002 (0xFA2)

Error Code 4002 (0xFA2) is considered by PC experts as a critical system error for it is mainly caused by the problems of essential system services. Incorrect changes over certain system services operated by cyber threats also can possibly lead to Error Code 4002 (0xFA2). It is not suggested to manually repair Error Code 4002 (0xFA2) for the process requires the user to have enough computer expertise to safely handle the deep side of the system.

Why Does Error Code 4002 (0xFA2) Occur On the System?

  • Missing or damaged system files
  • Incorrect modification over system services
  • Unexpected changes on third-party programs
  • Invalid Windows registry
  • System being intruded by cyber threats
  • Incompatible driver files being allowed to get installed on the system

Obscure System Problems Triggered by Error Code 4002 (0xFA2)

  • 100% consumption of CPU resources
  • Drastic degradation of overall system performance
  • Cannot disable suspicious processes on Windows Task Manager
  • Unable to turn on Windows Task Manager
  • Certain system services being disabled because of a critical error
  • Inexplicable loss of network resources along with sudden slowdown of network speed
  • Running Internet connection being frequently interrupted
  • Unable to establish legit network connection on the system
  • System security settings being silently overwritten
  • Fail to copy and paste documents on the system
  • Unable to copy and paste files
  • Windows Firewall being unnoticeably disabled
  • Drastic slowdown of browser running speed
  • Cannot clean up privacy related data from browser
  • Browser security services being terminated secretly
  • Browser activities being frequently interrupted
  • Unable to load browser tabs successfully


Removal Instructions for Error Code 4002 (0xFA2)

How to Manually Fix Error Code 4002 (0xFA2)?

Step One: Turn off App AutoUpdates.

  • On the desktop, click on Windows Store.
  • Press Windows-C to access the Charms bar.
  • Navigate to Settings.



  • Navigate to App Updates.
  • Uncheck the “Update apps automatically” switch to the Off position.


Step Two: Periodically Update Windows Defender.

You can take advantage of Windows PowerShell to update the definition of Windows Defender.

  • Press “Windows+Q” button to enable the search box, type Windows PowerShell onto the dialog box to enable Windows PowerShell.


  • In the Windows PowerShell window so open type. and press Enter key. Again type cd.. and then press Enter key. In this way, you should be arrived at PS C:\> directory.
  • And then type Update-MpSignature, press the Enter button. Then the definition of Windows Defender will start to update.


Step Three: Run Find and fix problems utility.

  • Click Start, type Control Panel on the dialog box, click to run Control Panel.


  • Under Control Panel, from System and Security, click to run Find and fix problems.


  • Under System and Security, click to Run maintenance task.


  • Click Next to run the maintenance scan.


  • If you wish to cancel the scan, you could click Cancel.


  • Click OK to confirm the test once the scan completes.


Step Four: Repair Registry Problems.

The Windows registry serves as an essential part in Windows Operating System. Any improper modification over the Windows registry can possibly bring about disastrous consequences to the system for the registry is especially used to store the settings and options of low-level system services and third-party programs, which are responsible for system maintenance. It is not suggested to manually fix the registry problems for the process needs user to be able to safely make changes over the Windows registry. To get rid of the registry problems without system file corruption, it is suggested to enable a trusted and award-winning third-party registry repair utility on the system. With a list of advanced features as well as ultra-powerful utilities, Advanced Fix is considered to be a trusted registry cleaning tool that can help all level of computer users to fix Error Code 4002 (0xFA2).


John McDowell Windows Certified Expert

John McDowell is an professional computer engineer who currently running his own computer company. He has over 12 years computer experience and would like to share his personal tips and knowledge about computer maintenance and problem troubleshooting to anybody who needs it.

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