Error Code 0x8000ffff with Proper Resolution

fix error code 0x8000ffff

Troubled by the annoying error 0x8000ffff and still don’t know how to get rid of it? Do you know what’s the real cause of the problem on your PC? We are going to tell you the truth about this issue and the solution to fix error code 0x8000ffff properly.


What’s error code 0x8000ffff?

Error 0x8000ffff is a typical Windows error problem that usually related to an error on the system itself. If you receive the error message with code 0x8000ffff, you will have to meet the following further issues on your computer:

  • Windows system unable to update smoothly
  • Windows start-up or shut-down problem
  • Additional system registry problems and running errors
  • Slower computer operations
  • Ineffective system performance
  • 0x8000ffff error message appears on the screen constantly

In order to fix error code 0x8000ffff quickly and thoroughly on the computer, you should get a general understanding about the possible causes of this problem on your PC, thus, you can take the corresponding resolution to get it fixed well.

Where does the error come from?

Error 0x8000ffff often occurs in one of the following circumstances on the computer with Windows operating system´╝Ü

  • You are going to run a backup on hard drive but encounter the error
  • Windows system update problem
  • Failed to restore system with System Restore
  • Program cannot be installed and display the error
  • You attempt to use some system resources but failed

Optional resolutions to fix error code 0x8000ffff

Troubleshoot the backup problem

If the problem happens while you are trying to conduct a backup for those files stored in a specific folder on the computer, it would be caused by the backup device, this is because some back up devices need many of buffering which cannot be fulfill by the Windows system, and additionally, communications problem is also a common reason for the buffer issue.

To fix error code 0x8000ffff with this circumstance, please firstly try to conduct a backup in other place on the computer, and check that whether you can complete it without receive the error 0x8000ffff or other problems. Then you should go to check and make sure that the associated services and devices are running for Volume Shadow Copy.

Fix error code 0x8000ffff with system restore issue

When you encounter the error issue during restoring your computer system, it can be deduced that the problem is caused by some certain system files cannot be replace smoothly during the restore process, and it is usually occurs when you choose System Restore utility to restore the Windows system. In order to fix error code 0x8000ffff in this situation, please try one of the following two ways.


One – avoid the error via using other way to restore system

Besides System restore, there are several other ways to restore the Windows system, like making use of the system install disk or USB flash disk, both two ways are available for you to restore the Windows system, please check that whether the problem can be avoided during the restore process.

Two – get a hotfix to troubleshoot the problem manually


If you want to resolve the system restore problems and fix error code 0x8000ffff well, please refer to the guides provided by Microsoft support center and apply the hotfix package which is specially used to fix error code 0x8000ffff which happens during restoring the system. For more information about this resolution, please click here to go to the specific Microsoft web-page.

Scan and fix corrupted system files

When some files inside your Windows system are damaged, modified or even move to other place, many problems will be caused on the computer to affect the system performance and update. So if you continue to receive the error message, please try to fix error code 0x8000ffff via fixing those problematic files on your computer system. And the Windows built-in System File Check will do a great help for you.

  • Open the Start menu on your computer, select Run
  • When the running text box appear, please type “cmd” in it, and hit Enter key

type _cmd

  • A black window appears, type “sfc /scannow”, and press Enter again


  • Then System File Check will be activated and help you to scan and restore those problematic system files.
  • Restart your computer when the file fix is finished.

If the computer still get some problems of the Windows system, please go to perform a check and fix for the System registry.

Clean registry issues in Windows system

Besides the system file, system registry is also an important factor for the computer performance. And registry issues is often the cause of many problems on the system, so, if the system file fix cannot help you to fix error code 0x8000ffff well. Please go to check your System Registry, and repair those registry issues inside.

To get a quick and effective fix for the system registry, it is recommended to use an outstanding registry optimizer, which can help you analyze the system registry and fix all of issues professionally, thus you can avoid those complicated checking and fixing steps, and also clean those registry issues well on the Windows system.


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