Easily Avoid and Fix Error Code 64 on PC


fix error code 64

Are you encountering an annoying error code 64 on your computer? Does it create any trouble and problem for your Windows system? If you are wondering an effective way to stop and fix error code 64, this article will be a useful knowledge for you.


Common error notification:

64 (0x40)
The specified network name is no longer available.

Know more about this issue

System error 64 is a problem that frequently related to the network connection on the computer, besides, other situations like system error, registry issues and incorrect operations of installed programs also could be the reason of this problem in some cases. When you unfortunately come across this error on your PC, these troubles may be the further problems of your computer:

  • Error 64 message displays on the computer continually
  • Windows system and some programs cannot start up smoothly
  • Interrupted Internet connection
  • Additional error issues occur on the computer
  • Several features and functions cannot perform

In additions to these possible results of being troubled by the error 64, there would be more and other problems happen if you do not take immediate measures to fix error code 64 instantly on the computer. So please have a look at the following tips and resolve the error issue as early as possible.

Take proper resolutions to fix error code 64 well

Firstly – check and troubleshoot the network problems

network problems

Change to connect to other network resource

Open the Network setting panel on your computer, and change to connect to other network resource for a try, if you are able to connect to other resource, the problem will be locate on the previous network resource, after then, you can go to find out and resolve the problem of the network and fix error code 64 effectively.

Check whether other computers can connect to the same network

Change to use other computers to connect to the problematic network, if they can connect to the network properly, please disrupt the connection of your computer, and reconnect it again to make sure your PC is plugged into the network; if other computers are also unable to reach it, however, please go to check and make sure the associated network settings are correct, then troubleshoot the problem side.


Secondly – scan and clean registry issues


When associated registries are missing or invalid which unable to support the associated features of connecting the Windows system to the right network, you will also get this error issue. In this circumstance, you should go to fix error code 64 via fixing these problematic registries on your computer.

What is system registry? It is a kind of core file on the Windows system that could be the advanced settings, configurations of installed applications and the system itself, and many temporary registry files are also created during the program and system’s performances. Registry Editor is a place that enable you to modify or remove some registries on the computer system, but you should pay attention to every step you take in this place, otherwise, the wrong registry would be deleted or changed by mistake, which easily cause serious system errors on the computer.

In order to fix error code 64 with possible registry issues on the computer, it is recommended to take a professional registry optimized software to perform a scan for the system registry, then clean and fix all of issues and errors with those problematic registries on the system.

Thirdly – uninstall or re-install program which causes the error

Sometimes the problem with an application will trigger the error when you try to open or use it, to fix error code 64 with this issue, you should go to find out the particular program that creates this issue, then uninstall the program on the computer, because it is in all probability that there are some damages or errors on the program itself which cause some invalid operations on PC.

If the program is not the one that you newly installed but have been used for a certain time, and you really need it on your computer, you can go to download the newest version of it online, and install it again on the PC.

Fourthly – install available updates for Windows system and drivers


There are also many problems comes from the outdated Windows system and drivers, because they will cause a series of invalid performances on the computer when keeping those out-of-date features or services. Therefore, in order to fix error code 64, you also need to keep your Windows system and drivers up-to-date so that to ensure there is no any outdated component affects the effective performance of the computer. Thus, it can be avoided any problem like the system error 64 being caused by this issue. Besides those required updates, it is also available to choose to install the optional update on the computer.


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A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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