Ctfmon.exe Error Fix – Available Steps to Fix Ctfmon.exe Error on Computer System Instantly

Ctfmon.exe is created as an executable file of Alternative User Input Services, usually comes into the computer with Microsoft Office Suite, its responsibilities are controlling the Office Language Bar and Alternative User Input, and helping computer users to manage the screen keyboard, pen tablet and speech. To make sure these associated functionalities can be used on your computer smoothly, you should protect the file from being damaged and removed from your PC.

In most cases, people will encounter ctfmon.exe error on their computer without any sign, but as a matter of fact, this file must encounter some problems or obstacles which prevent it performing regularly on the system, and some typical reasons of the ctfmon.exe error problem occurring on the computer are:

  • Some essential registry entries in the Windows operating system become invalid, or disappeared
  • The executable process of ctfmon.exe is damaged or missing
  • Spyware or virus invade the system as well as some applications
  • Incompatible hardware issue or driver

And you will get these problems and inconveniences on your computer:

  • Always keep a high CPU usage
  • Very slow computer performance
  • More viruses and malware attack
  • Computer system freeze up
  • Blue Screen Of Death errors
  • Annoying error pop-ups

Error messages may appear on your computer:

  • Cannot find entry point TF_InvalidAssemblyListCache in dynamic link library in MSCTF.dll
  • Ctfmon.exe – Application Error

Available methods to fix ctfmon.exe error

Disable the executable file

Since this executable file is often able to begin the Language Bar component and keep itself at the background even though you are not using the Office, to avoid the annoying ctfmon.exe error messages popping up on your computer, you should go to disable it firstly

Step one – open Start menu > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options
Step two – find and select “Change keyboards or other input methods”
Step three – select “Change keyboards” on the Keyboards and Languages tab
Step four – except the default keyboard language as well as the additional languages you are using, clean out other install services on the list
Step five – open Start menu > Run > start up the msconfig.exe process
Step six – disable the ctfmon.exe on list (uncheck the box)

If you are not a professional or experienced computer user, understanding and properly performing the process will be a difficult job, although the above steps are very clear, if you are still afraid that you are unable to disable the file, calling a help from a computer professional is also available.

Fix registry errors on the operating system

Registry problem is the most common cause that often make many system errors on the computer, the registry is a crucial component for every computer system, it is a place that store all of essential files, data, and advanced settings of many installed programs as well as the computer system. So a full registry error check and fix is very needed when you are encountering ctfmon.exe error on your computer.

How to perform a registry error check and fix on the computer? The answer must be a registry error fix tool which is the most effective and thorough way to protect the computer from various registry errors, it is able to check the system completely, which helps people to find out every problematic registry error on computer, and then offer the most effective and automatic way to replace the user to fix all of them thoroughly. Therefore, the ctfmon.exe error can be very quickly fixed on your PC without any complex and demanding step and process.

Hollis White

A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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