Clean and Fix Error 0x8002006e on Computer

fix error 0x8002006e

Many people don’t know how to do when they firstly encounter an error 0x8002006e on their computers, they can’t find any clue from this error code and get it fixed well with a proper way. However it is not so difficult to stop and fix error 0x8002006e on your PC, just follow this post to check the possible reason and resolution to troubleshoot it.


What’s an error 0x8002006e

Windows error 0x8002006e is a common issue on the computer that could be caused by many possible problems, such as:

  • Corruption of associated applications
  • Missing or corrupted system files
  • An unfinished or problematic installation,
  • In correct uninstallation of application or equipment
  • Spyware or virus attack
  • Poor shutdown of the computer
  • Windows system registry issues

When the problem cannot be found and resolved instantly, the error notification will always display on the computer, and gradually cause a series of issues on the system:

  • Problematic system start-up and shutdown
  • Associated programs cannot be used smoothly
  • Unexpected running issue usually happen on the computer
  • Blue Screen of Death error
  • Additional DLL or EXE errors

To avoid these possible further issues on the computer, it is very necessary to take instant steps to fix error 0x8002006e well.

Approaches to fix error 0x8002006e on Windows system

1.Uninstall the program which cause the error


If you can make sure that the problem comes from an application on your PC, you can try to fully uninstall the program on your PC, so that you will be able to delete the conflict issue between the program and your Windows system, and fix error 0x8002006e as well. Compare to the manual way to remove the program with Windows removing panel, taking an uninstaller will be much better and more effective to achieve a complete removal.

  • Download and install a reliable uninstall utility on your computer
  • Launch the uninstaller, and select the program you want to remove on the interface
  • Click on the uninstall button, and finish the removing steps with instructions
  • When it is completed, please exit the uninstaller, and restart your computer

2.Perform a update for your Windows system to fix error 0x8002006e

Outdated issue of Windows system is a common cause for many ineffective performance as well as the system error issues on the computer. In this case, if you haven’t been updated your Windows system for a long time, you can try to fix error 0x8002006e via performing an update for your Windows system.

Steps to update the computer system:

  • Click on the Start button, click on Windows Update (if you cannot find this item on the menu, please open it on the Control Panel)


  • Click on Check for updates on the left side, the computer will start to check for available updates for your Windows system


  • Click to install the update on your computer
  • Restart your PC when finish the update

As the latest Windows system like Windows 8/8.1/10 attach an automated update, people may not need to manually update it, but you still can choose to install the optional updates of your Windows system.


3.Disable unnecessary automatic start-up items

When install a new program on the Mac, it is very easy for many people to neglect the item of automatic start-up, so that the app will always start automatically after the computer start-up, which will easily decrease the start-up speed, and more seriously, when there is a problem with the program which lead it unable to start and perform smoothly, you will always receive the associated error code when start the computer system. And there is another situation that there some invalid start-up items whose programs have been removed on the PC. So, to fix error 0x8002006e with this possible issue, you should know how to disable the unneeded start-up items on your PC.

Option one:

  • Right-click on the task bar, and select open Task Manager
  • Click on the Start-up tab, and choose the item you need to cancel, click on the disable button

Option two:

  • Click on Start button, and Run



  • Type “msconfig” in the box, and hit Enter
  • Go to the Startup section, and disable the items you want

4. Perform a fix for your System Registry

System registry issues is one of the biggest reasons for many error codes and issues on the computer, especially for the invalid or outdated registry, but the System Registry is often a place that easily to be neglected by the people, not to mention regularly optimizing this database on the PC. Therefore, in order to fix error 0x8002006e, you will need to perform a scan with a professional system’s fix utility, and then troubleshoot the detected issues and errors on your PC. It will not only good for solving the error issue for you, but also enhance the computer’s performance effectively.


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A tech expert that would like to offer IT support and services about computer error fix as much as possible, has written and shared many articles on computer maintainance and fixing different kinds of error problem online.

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