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fix error code 66

Got error code 66 and don’t know what’s going on on your PC? Don’t be so frustrated and worry about your machine, because the following content will tell you how to do and fix error code 66 well.


About error 66 – what happen about the computer

Computer is a complex and huge system that contains numerous files, data and configurations, so it could be very different for people encountering this error issue on computer. Even though, no matter what’s the specific situation that you getting this trouble on PC, it is usually caused by the following reasons or problems on your computer:

  • Printer cannot be installed or connected to the computer
  • Network connection issue
  • System registry get corrupted or accidentally removed
  • Hardware Malfunction
  • Supported system files are damaged or invalid
  • Virus or malware infection on the PC

Example of the error on PC:

66 (0x42)
The network resource type is not correct.

Notification in an error message is often a good and useful clue to help us to find out the reason and proper solution of the problem. So, in order to fix error code 66, we should firstly check the associated error notification, then take the following steps to troubleshoot it effectively.

Take steps to fix error code 66 well

Step one: install the printer correctly on your PC

In many time, the Windows error 66 happens when people are trying to connect a new printer to the computer via the network. So let’s start to fix error code 66 via resolving this issue, and you should go to get the printer installed correctly on your PC:

  • Go to the desktop of your computer, click on Start or Windows button at the bottom left corner (Win 8/8.1 users right-click on it)


  • Click on Run, and type CMD in the text box, then press Enter key
  • Right click on the Command Prompt window which is just opened on the screen
  • Select choose Run as Administrator from the menu, then type the following content in Command Prompt: net use LPT# \\server\printer /persistent:yes.
  • Enter the correct information of your printer and server to the right fields
  • Add the printer locally by LPT# port or LPT1 port instead

Besides, you should also need to pay attention to check the print server name, and make sure you do not type the wrong one. If it does not help you fix error code 66, please go to check your network resource.


Step two: check network resource

network resource

Please note that locating the wrong resources on the network will also trigger this error code on your PC. Therefore, the next step you should do to troubleshoot and fix error code 66 is checking your network resource, and make sure you locate the correct resources on the network. For many common users with few knowledge and experiences about the computer, here are two basic skills you can take:

  1. Check the account information, settings related to your Network connection
  2. Get a network administrator to help you locate the right resources on the Network

Step three: resolve the hardware issue to fix error code 66

In additional to the above situations, people might get this Windows error 66 for a hardware issue, and it is usually because a new hardware cannot be added to the computer smoothly, or there is a problem with the current hadware on your PC. To resolve the problems and fix error code 66, you should go to resolve the problem with hadware:

1. Try again to add the hardware to your PC carefully:

Before you get start to install or add a new hardware to your computer, please firstly make sure it is compatible with your computer and other devices in the machine, then you can continue; but you should also be very carefully and make sure there is no any problem during adding it to the problem, and you had better to do it with a help of a computer geek if necessary.

2. Fix the hardware issues existing on the computer:

Computer’s hardware issues can be causes by many problems on your PC, you will need a sophisticate fix tool if you want to resolve the complicated hardware issue easily and quickly, there are many such fix tools available online.

Step four: troubleshoot your system registry errors

registry errors

There are a great deal of system errors on the computer are caused by the corrupted or invalid system registries, therefore, it can be an effective solution to fix error code 66 via repairing those corrupted registries on your computer. And an advanced registry optimize tool can provide the most convenient and effective way to protect your system registries and troubleshoot different kinds of registry problems automatically, and it is also not practical and feasible for the common user to manually take good care of this complex and greatly important database, more seriously, the manual error could be happen at any time you delete or repair the registry by yourself.

In this case, it is suggested to apply a reliable and professional fix tool to perform a scan for your system registry, and it will show you the easy and quick way to repair all of problematic registries on the computer.

In addition to the above resolution to fix error code 66, repairing corrupted system files, and cleaning virus infection sometimes are also the available solutions for you, but finding the specific reasons of the error is still the most important point to get it fixed well.

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