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Binkw32.dll is created as a component of “Bink Video Player” program and responsible for rendering the graphics and playing compressed movie and video files in dynamic applications, especially those computer game designed by RAD Game Tools company.

Binkw32.dll error is a very annoying and general problem on the computer with Windows system, when this DLL module cannot be used or read by the computer system, the annoying error message like “Binkw32.dll error: file not found” or “Binkw32.dll error: file not found” will immediately appears on the screen, and block you to playing the associated movie and video, or playing the computer gaming application.

What may cause the error on the PC?

Either your improper actions on the computer or system errors would cause this DLL issue ultimately, before taking measures to repair this error well, you should make clear about the general causes of this binkw32.dll error:

  • The newly installed game is not stable on the computer
  • Binkw32.dll file is damaged or missing
  • Dangerous virus attacks
  • Video driver conflict
  • Registry corruptions

Consequences of having the error:

  • Fail to play compressed movie and video files
  • Cannot open and play many computer games smoothly
  • Annoying binkw32.dll error messages display constantly
  • Additional system error issues

Instructions to fix binkw32.dll error for good

Reinstall the game which cause the error

If you often receive the error message when you try to open a certain computer game, it is possible that this game is corrupted or damaged on your computer, so that it cannot successfully use or read the binkw32.dll file from system. To solve this problem in this case, you should uninstall this program completely, and install a brand new one again on your computer, after the program reinstallation, all of the previously associated files and settings will be replaced, and will be able to read the DLL file again.

  1. Open the uninstall tool on your computer
  2. Select the associated game from the program list, and click on the remove button
  3. Finish all of removing processes, and restart your computer
  4. Install the game again on the PC

Move the binkw32.dll file to the right location

It is often the case that the location of binkw32.dll file is move from the system32 folder to the installed folder of the computer game, so that this DLL file cannot be detected and read by the Windows system or related application. In this situation, you should firstly find the where the binkw32.dll file should be located on the computer system, if it does not exist in the system32 folder, you should find it from other places on your computer, and move it to the default location.

  1. Click on Start, and Search
  2. Type “Binkw32.dll” in the search box, and choose to search it in all locations on the computer
  3. If you are lucky enough and find it on your computer but not the system32 folder, copy it
  4. Go to the path C:\Windows\System32 folder, and paste the DLL file
  5. Try to open the related program again, and check whether the error message still appears or not.

Repair registry corruptions

If the binkw32.dll error cannot be fixed with the above two resolutions, it is suggested to perform a check for your registry corruptions on your Windows system. There are many DLL files and many other registry components contained in the Windows system, these are all the important resource to support the running of computer and many applications, however, because of the frequent use of these files, it is easy for some of them getting damaged or mistakenly removed from the computer, therefore, to fix binkw32.dll error, you can try to scan your computer system with a good registry cleaner, and repair those corrupted or missing registry issues instantly, so that the normal binkw32.dll file will be back on your computer again.

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